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Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 8:03 pm

Dear Blogger,

Took advantage of Sarah's vaccination appointment to just go out today. I mean really go out. I haven't done much of that since my dad was admitted to the hospital last month. Now that he's really here at my place, I haven't been out for leisure since!

First of all, I have to say that I am very proud mama! Sarah's paediatrician was very amazed at how advanced Sarah was. Medically, she's about half a month ahead of her peers. I suspect she's far more advanced than that!

She had 2 vaccination today. One was initial package we took up for her. The other is the second of pneumococcal vaccination. The first time she got her pneumococcal jab, she cried in pain. Today, she didn't cry at all! She's one tough baby!

I thought that was the end of her vaccinations. There are still more! There's the vaccination against chicken pox, rubella, mumps and measles. I was told they are compulsory vaccinations. Of course they are. If they're compulsory, why doesn't the government just pay for them?

The visit was very fast. I had expect a wait of about 20 minutes or so. We came, we saw the doctor and we were off! So, Sarah and I headed to Bugis Junction. I wanted to look for a new purse. I was thinking of getting a good quality purse like from Bonia or Braun Buffel but neither was to my liking. For some reason, I kept thinking of Louis Vuitton (LV).

We left the car at Raffles Hospital and took the train to Orchard. I had several hundred dollars worth of CapitaMall vouchers you see and ION Orchard was a CapitaMall! I thought it was worth a try.

We've never been to the upper floors of ION Orchard. Very likely because from the first floor upwards, it is very high-end retail. LV has a 2-storey store at ION. We went into the 2nd-floor entrance first. Not much accessories there. The ones that LV was famous for anyway. The staff weren't that accommodating either. Was it because I wasn't dressed like a posh mom?

I almost gave up on LV when I saw the main first floor entrance. I thought, why not? At least the staff there were more welcoming. I was disappointed with the selection of purses though. They didn't really meet my requirements. I know what you're thinking. Huh??? I can't help it if I've too many cards with me!

But then... I saw it. The bag that I've always wanted. You know how when you see something that you like and want, everything else around it just fade in the background? And that something just glowed as if shone by angelic halos? That was how the bag looked to me. That moment was reminiscent of the time when I stepped into Tiffany & Co at Ngee Ann City for the first time to choose my engagement ring. There was music! If this was a movie scene, it would have been very comical.

Louis Vuitton at ION Orchard (source:

Since it would have been a sin for me to pay for it using my savings, I left the store deflated. It was not my time to own that bag. However, I do believe that if we're really meant to be together, we will be together one day.

We walked down the boulevard to Centrepoint to catch up with former colleagues. I didn't recognise some of Orchard Road anymore. We stopped by the new Mandarin Gallery. It wasn't my scene. Heeren had a modified look. What was the building that was torn down before Emerald Hill?

The new Mandarin Gallery (source:

I didn't meet any of my former colleagues. Centrepoint may have a new facade and wing but the stores inside were quite "old". I wasn't a Centrepoint kid. Marks & Spencer had sales on some of its biscuits. Always a draw for me. Bought some biscuits even though I suspect I'd hardly open the packaging.

Went across to the new 313@Somerset. Only managed the first floor because Marche was there. Haven't dined at Marche for a long time. The layout reminded me of the old Marche at Heeren where diners had to walk down a flight of steps to the basement. It was inconvenient for me now with Sarah and her stroller, but there was a disabled person's lift in the restaurant.

After half a day of walking from one end of Orchard Road to the end, it wasn't as fun as I thought. Maybe I'm no longer an Orchard Road person. Maybe I'm very much a heartlander now. The local malls have more attractions for me than the swanky malls in Orchard Road.


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