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Tuesday, February 09, 2010 @ 9:58 am

Dear Blogger,

I am still reeling from last Friday's "family meeting". It was the first time that everyone had gathered to meet, and it will probably be the last time. I had called for the meeting because I was tired of unanswered questions and chasing one by one for affirmations. The agenda of the meeting was basically to confirm everyone's contributions and responsibilities to our father's healthcare.

The meeting was planned to be conducted at 8 p.m. but everyone turned up late. The meeting only commenced at 11 p.m. It started out as expected with me telling everyone the course of action. Things started to go awry after 10 min when I asked everyone if we could rotate accompanying dad to his medical appointments. As you can remember, for the past 5 years or so, it had always been mother and I who took dad to his medical appointments.

As I went round the table, things went to a standstill when my brother after me voiced out. He didn't really provide any useful information. He was basically ranting about how all of us couldn't work together because we couldn't communicate with one another. At several points, he threw uncalled for personal attacks on me. I wanted to retaliate but I was too mature to realise that all of his noise were irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Then he attacked my other siblings with accusations! Things got so heated up that it was a surprise no punches were thrown! I would have given him a bitch slap for being rude and disrespectful but I held back. Violence may feel satisfactory but it's not a solution.

His unsubstantiated remarks were loud and clear to everyone except himself. Not once did he make himself commit to the cause. He went round and round the bush until we asked ourselves, what the hell was he talking about? What had the past got to do with our father's care? What had our estrangement got to do with anything that's on the agenda?

Ipy, as the only family member by marriage, suffered a culture shock. He had never experienced family squabbling so mentally deranged. On analysing the situation, the rest of us agreed that that particular brother of mine had really deep issues with our dad and I. His issues were so deep that we're not sure if he even knew what they were! I don't know what vendetta he has against me but that shouldn't interfere with our father's care.

The situation wasn't help with our mother's biased support for my brother. Her other sons knew for a fact that she's not working so hard not for her sick husband, her children nor her matrimonial home. She's slaving herself to support my brother's glamourous lifestyle! Even to this day, when we want to move forward, we have to move 2 steps back because of this setback. It's so unproductive I tell you!


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