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Thursday, November 12, 2009 @ 3:18 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ipy is in Brunei again. I'm not sure if Sarah is aware that her daddy hasn't been home for a few days already. Do babies at 3 months old know what's going already?

Now that the examinations are almost over, I have more free time than usual. Not sure what I've been doing with all that time though. Unlike other tai tais, I don't have that much spending power. Most of my allowances go to savings, but by the look of the last update, my savings don't seem to be growing! Hmm...

I was reading OCBC Ladies' Circle "Women & Their Money" booklet, and I realised that the "women" that it referred to didn't represent any housewife! In fact, no financial institution that I know of had any special plans for housewives.

Just because we don't earn income just like our working kind, doesn't mean that we can't be financially savvy. We do need guidance too! Housewives are an untapped market, not in the least unimportant. So if these financial institutions are smart, they'd take the opportunity to cater to our special needs.

By the way, not all housewives are uneducated. No need to look down on us. We are not lazy. We just have different priorities. As far as I'm concerned, "housewife/homemaker" is just another occupation.

We may not pay income tax, but we work as hard as other taxable employees. We may not get company benefits that other women enjoy, but we are content. That's not to say that we don't deserve the benefits given away by the government. We are entitled to government benefits as much as other citizens do.


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