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Sunday, November 22, 2009 @ 8:02 pm

Dear Blogger,

I read in the newspaper today about BPA-free plastic baby bottles and how some parents are really worried about what they're feeding their babies. Those who aren't parents and aren't familiar with BPA, read on.

Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical found in plastic baby bottles. There is nothing wrong with the baby bottle if properly used. Problems occur when this chemical leaches out from the bottle into liquid or food. Health governments in most developed countries, including Singapore, has soothed worried parents that the BPA level in plastic baby bottles are so low that there is really nothing to worry about!

I didn't know about this BPA issue until I read the newspaper today. I've come across it before, but I brushed it off as another scientific study that contradicts another. You know how scientific studies are. They are best taken with a pinch of salt.

I am not one of those parents who worry about the slightest detail. I am actually more worried about these parents than their child! Are parents too protective of their children these days? Parents in that show shown recently on Okto, "Cotton Kids" are seriously in need of psychiatric help. But they're extreme cases.

Parents of my generation, are they overprotecting their children? Look at my neighbour for example. I have never seen the children playing at the playground behind us. They don't even play outside their gate! When we were kids, our parents had to haul us back from playing at the corridor for too long!

How are children to learn if they don't experience things for themselves? Isn't it natural for children to suffer bruises, cuts and even broken bones once in their lifetime? One has to learn to fall to learn to get back up!

Overprotective parents may have the best intentions at heart but I fear that they are in denial of the risks their actions may have on their children. If a child doesn't know what dirt feels like, he won't appreciate cleanliness and the hard work put into making a place clean. If a child has never seen blood trickling down his skin, he'd never know what pain feels like.

By keeping a child in an over-sanitised and controlled environment will do more harm to the child than good. Our body has a mysterious way to adapt to changes. Many centuries ago, the flu virus killed millions of people. Yet, many have also survived. Their body became more resilient to subsequent flu attacks. We are the beneficiaries of their adaptability.

So, I implore overprotective parents to step back a little and let your child explore. While your child is exploring the wonders of the world, sit back and reflect a little. Ask yourself, are you really doing what's best for your child?


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