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Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 1:55 am

Dear Blogger,

I think our world is dying. I think our end is near. I am not so much scared as anxious. I just don't want to die in a chaotic state.

It's all these movies about apocalyses that are messing with my mind. I have just watched "Knowing" on DVD. I have to say that it's not a suitable movie to end the day.

Anyway, the movie dealt with end of the world scenario. There's a mix of scientific and religious propaganda disguised as an
action thriller.

Unlike most people, movies will generally get me thinking. I can't shut off like most people. So this movie got me thinking of the apocalypse.

In all of God's religious books, they describe the events of the end of the world as the worst thing imaginable. God already did the flood thing in Noah's time. Can He do it again I wonder.

As of recent years, we have experienced tsunamies. The latest happened in the Pacific islands. Some of us are still recovering from the tragedy in Phuket.

We have also experienced hurricanes and typhoons. Are they the same thing? New Orleans is still rebuilding from Katrina's wrath. Philippine is bracing herself from another attack by typhoon Parma.

Indonesia is earthquake country. Taiwan attracts storms. US and Europe are sick with flu. Mother Earth is sick and God is angry.

Yes my friends. Our world as we know it is dying. That is why I have taken upon myself to begin repenting as much as possible.

Each faith has its own way of repenting. I start mine by making a conscious effort to pray 5 times daily just as God had ordered us to do. I was slacked about it before but now I try to fulfill it as soon as I hear the call of prayer.

I am trying to fulfill the 5 pillars of Islam. That itself is challenging! Daddy always said that if we can't even perfect the "wajib", how can we expect to perfect the "sunnah"? Daddy was right.

Before anyone gets alarmed, I haven't suddenly gone feverishly religious. I am still a moderate Muslim. I still favour rationale over blind faith. It's just that I am more conscious of my purpose here on

I have experienced what I wanted to experience. I am ready to move on. I have no regrets. I pray that it's not too late.

Will Mother Earth recover? Hard to say. Not when man is still self-absorbed. But man being man, we will amend our ways only when calamity struck us.


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