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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 @ 12:18 am

Dear Blogger,

As I was watching "Sex and the City" (yes, I know I'm very late), a thought occurred to me. Is this what women all over the world aspire to be? Fashion victims despite their intelligence and enviable jobs.

I don't know. Maybe when I was younger i.e. single and available, I was most likely like these women. I meant the women all over the world, not the 4 fashionistas.

I'm afraid I'm turning into a frumpy and dowdy housewife. And I'm not even 30 yet! Alarm bells! Alarm bells!

But what makes me different from the Kimora Lee Simmons of the world is that I am 100% hands-on! I don't have maids to wipe every vomit off the furniture. I don't have nannies to change the stinky diaper off my baby.

If my husband thinks my lack of self-attention is repulsive, I would like him to do what I do for just one day. See if he doesn't turn into a frumpy and dowdy man after that.

Anyway, back to the movie. I have never been able to relate to the series. I think some of the fashion on display were just plain weird. Obviously I can never be fashionably-accepted in the high-brow world of fashion.


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