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Saturday, September 05, 2009 @ 6:46 am

Dear Blogger,

Taken from Mercy Relief's official website.

Mercy Relief sends aid to Java quake victims

Friday, 4 September 2009

Mercy Relief is sending a 4-man team over this weekend in response to an appeal by its Indonesian NGO partner, the IBU Foundation, to assist in their relief efforts to the West Javanese victims of the 7.3 Richter earthquake which rocked the island on Wednesday. Mercy Relief is seeking to raise funds for the victims of the disaster.

Mercy Relief is already in communications with French supermarket giant Carrefour (Indonesia) for the procurement, delivery and distribution of much-needed relief supplies to the badly-hit areas.

IBU Foundation, which worked closely with Mercy Relief’s medical teams in the remote areas of Meulaboh after the Indian Ocean Tsunami had caused massive destruction to the Acehnese coastal district in 2004, have sent its Rapid Assessment teams to assess the various affected locations and identified the following areas which require priority assistance:
  1. Cianjur Selatan District (Kabupaten Cianjur)
  2. Pangalengan Sub-district, Bandung (Kecamatan Pangalengan)
  3. Pameungpeuk Sub-district, Garut (Kecamatan Pameungpeuk, Kabupaten Garut)
Needs across all locations:
  • Shelter (tarpaulin, tents, mats, blankets)
  • Cookingware and stove, kerosene lamps
  • Hygiene and family kits
  • Food items ( oil, instant noodle, rice, baby food)
General facts based on BNPB data (National Disaster Management Body)
  • 57 deaths (as at 5pm WIB)
  • 11,039 total houses destroyed/badly damaged
  • 13,464 houses partially damaged
  • Devastation affected a total of 10 districts
The public may contribute to the efforts through the following modes of donations:

Cheque : Cross to ‘Mercy Relief’ and indicate ‘Java Quake Relief’ on the reverse and send to Blk 160 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #01-1568 Singapore 310160

Cash: Send personally to Mercy Relief office.

Ipy and I have decided to donate some cash to the victims of the quake in West Java after watching the devastation it has caused in the news. This is the least we could do to bring some Hari Raya joy to these victims.

Please donate to Mercy Relief's mission if you can.


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