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Friday, September 04, 2009 @ 1:00 pm

Dear Blogger,

I've been so busy with many projects on my plate. There's the spring cleaning to do. Ipy isn't helping me with it. He always find some excuses not to do the tasks I've assigned him. It's getting really frustrating.

He doesn't realise that on top of keeping the house in a decent living condition, I have a baby to raise too. Not to mention the headaches I get when deciding what to cook daily. Gosh! He is so fussy these days! He doesn't eat leftovers and that's very annoying. I don't want to cook fresh dishes daily when the fridge is overloaded with leftovers.

We haven't shopped for Hari Raya yet. Actually, I don't plan to because I don't see the need to buy anything new this year. We've done most of the big purchases last year. I don't even plan to buy a new set of baju kurung! My wardrobe is packed with wearable baju kurung already.

Maybe I'll buy shoes. I can't fit into any of my stilettos because my feet haven't returned to their smaller selves. We will definitely buy some clothes for Sarah. It'll be her first Hari Raya this year. Understandably, Ipy is all excited about it.

I'm still looking for kuih tart recipes. The ones I made last year weren't satisfactory. How do they make the pastry so soft? Could it be that my technique was wrong? I've asked my aunts and all their recipes were alike! Maybe it was my technique.

Well... I shouldn't be so ambitious. I don't know if I have the time to even bake them! Watched a Malay programme on Suria last night. If I do want to buy kuih raya this year, I would like to buy from those disadvantaged women who are selling them. How do I contact them?


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