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Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 12:56 pm

Dear Blogger,

Sarah is 1 month old today! Yey!!! A month ago, she was a slippery little being. Now, she's so big and strong!

I think she's starting to look like me. Her hair is all Daddy's, but she is definitely starting to look like me. Her Daddy hopes she doesn't had Mommy's tantrums. Hahahahahaha! I hope not to! One emotionally-conflicted person in this household is enough.

Personally, I'll have much challenges again. Loans to pay. Savings to accumulate. There are times when I thought I should return to the workforce. But looking at Sarah now, I know she's my top priority.

Besides, working for the sake of wages and not doing something that you like is counter-productive. I know I'll just be miserable and that misery will not do anyone any good.


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