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Saturday, August 01, 2009 @ 10:28 pm

Dear Blogger,

At this afternoon's wedding of Ipy's cousin, I was temporarily embarrassed by the caterer because I had wanted to sample the vegetarian dishes meant for vegetarians. It was odd because I have never been to a Malay wedding where there were dishes reserved for a special, limited group of people.

It was a thoughtful gesture by the bride and groom I guess. Unfortunately, the caterer didn't place any notices anywhere near the dishes to inform that they were reserved, so how was anyone to know??? All the caterer did was place one of its staff on the lookout to inform clueless guests like me that the dishes were meant for vegetarians only.

I thought that was really distasteful of the caterer. That awful moment left a very bad taste in my mouth. I only ate everything on my plate because I didn't like to waste food. Also, since we were headed to the mall afterwards to buy Sarah's diapers, I ate what I can so as not to waste money on outside dining.

The malls, as always were packed to the brim. It was the first day of a new month so it was understandable that people want to spend their hard-earned money at the mall. If I had a choice, I really want to save my allowance from Ipy for as long as I can. That's just wishful thinking when my only responsibility when it comes to spending is to buy groceries and baby's needs.


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