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Saturday, July 18, 2009 @ 4:55 am

Dear Blogger,

Thank god for epidurals!!! The actual delivery took less than an hour. I couldn't imagine doing all that pushing with all the pain of contractions. That would just flatten me out completely halfway through the delivery!

It's not to say that the whole process isn't exhausting still.
If not careful, one can literally burst a blood vein in the head! Headaches after a delivery are seriously not a comfortable feeling.

So is vomiting! That's one of the side effects of epidurals. I vomitted my stomach contents out so many times that the whole room lingered with the smell of vomit hours after I've been transferred to my ward.

I finally had my dinner. Very filling dinner. Now I can't wait for breakfast. I'm starving!

I'm desperate to get my blood and milk flow going. Twice I tried to breastfeed the baby but sadly, no milk was flowing yet. I've been massaging my breasts relentlessly to get the juices flowing. I always thought that breastfeeding comes naturally but I guess it's not. It's just another skill to learn.


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