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Friday, July 17, 2009 @ 6:44 am

Dear Blogger,

So this it is. Today is the day. We woke up before dawn so that we could have breakfast before I checked in at the hospital at 8am.

We're having breakfast at the only place we know that's open at this hour; McDonald's. Imagine that! The day I'm going to give birth to our first child and my special breakfast is a set of Filet-O-Fish meal.

I'm still feeling a little "unawake". I haven't woken up this early since... before our wedding day! So all this early morning darkness is still unreal to me.

I'm feeling a little anxious actually. I am so not looking forward to the pain I keep hearing about. Even my doctor suggested I get an epidural! It's a very tempting offer right now.

I should finish my breakfast. God knows how's the morning traffic is like to Raffles Hospital.


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