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Sunday, July 26, 2009 @ 7:59 pm

Dear Blogger,

She's growing up so fast, and she's only a week old! She has grown stronger and taller. Her legs are quite strong, although her feet are a little off the correct angle. Her physiotherapist said it isn't something to worry too much about. It can be rectified with a few simple exercises.

Her umbilical cord has just dropped off. I don't know why it has to be kept. Nobody seemed to be able to give me a credible answer when I asked why. "Because it has always been done" isn't a good answer for me.

Just like this traditional massage and wrapping practice. I don't mind so much about the massage. It's the wrap and jamu that bothers me. I was almost glad that I developed itchy rashes on my body. I have my doctor's advice to stop the wrap and jamu till the rashes go away.

I googled post-partum rash and even though it's a fairly common ailment, the medical practitioners have yet to find out why and what causes it. That just means there's no remedy for this rash! Some attributed it to hormonal changes. I don't really care why as long as I have an excuse to forgo the wrap and jamu.

Calamine lotion may help to relieve the itchiness, but it's only temporary. My doctor prescribed me an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory cream as well as an antihistamine medication. The itchiness has stopped, as long as I don't get hot and perspire. Perspiration will ignite the unbearable itchiness.

I can't wait to go out and exercise again. I'll be officially confined next week and I know for sure I'll be bored. The nanny is a relative of Ipy's and she's very, very old but very, very active. One only knows how old people can be. So many "rules and regulation"! I will probably be confined to bed till Ipy comes home.

I bought Fenugreek supplements at GNC yesterday because I read that Fenugreek is good for increasing the body's milk supply. I have to say that after taking a couple of capsules last night, more milk has flowed. I was able to express about 30ml of breast milk at one time. Today, I was able to satiate her without formula milk! Hooray!

Tonight, Liverpool is playing against our national team. I pity our national team. No one's out at the stadium to support our boys. I think South-east Asian folks are suckers for English teams. What happened to national pride and loyalty? Oh yeah that's right. We have to buy foreign players to play for our national team!


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