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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 @ 8:32 pm

Dear Blogger,

I'm back on my food diary. I think it's about time I track what I eat anyway. Not that there's much to track. I've been eating nothing but vegetable soup. It doesn't matter what vegetables go into the soup. It's just vegetables, vegetables, vegetables.

The almost-vegetarian diet is supposed to help with my constipation. It's not helping. I've been having a hard time clearing my bowels ever since I went into labour. My stools are so hard that I feel like I'm pushing out another baby down there.

I'm also tweetering now. I was hesitant to join the Twitter bandwagon because I felt like there were way too many of these sites now i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Friendster etc. I was just bored today breastfeeding Sarah non-stop, so I joined Twitter.

I've also updated my Facebook account. This was another site which I was hesitant to join. I've already got Friendster and I had painstakingly customised the site. I had registered for Facebook a while back. It's just that I didn't bother to personalise it. Now that I have so much time with little to do except feed Sarah, I spruced up my Facebook account.

I really hate being confined. I understand that this is the time for new mothers to rest, but are the traditional practices still relevant in today's age??? I had to seal my mouth tight whenever I was "advised" against doing certain things. I was even "advised" against bathing my own baby!

I told Ipy that the nanny wanted to scratch the white spots off Sarah's face. She would have if I hadn't stopped her. My mother too couldn't leave her itchy fingers alone! Sarah's paediatrician had clearly said to leave the white spots alone. Yet, these women think they can do whatever they want to MY baby just because they had done the same to their children and grandchildren!

I thought having a confinement nanny was supposed to relieve me of my daily household chores. It was not to be. I get even more stressed out watching her handle my baby. Of course, not all the things she had done were bad. She's a nice, well-meaning person after all. This is just a matter of difference in opinions and mentality that's all.


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