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Saturday, July 11, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

Dear Blogger,

Been busy, busy, busy setting up the baby room. Actually, the baby room has always been available. It's just that we've been dumping our baby purchases in there till it looked more like a storage room than a baby room.

I've finally cleaned, cleared and organised the baby room. We've had almost everything that has been recommended in most "basic" baby list on the Internet. Somehow, it feels like something's missing or isn't enough. But we have to be practical and not be sucked into buying things just because they look cute or they seem like a must-have. We don't exactly have a bottomless cash pit here.

The only thing left to do is to pack my bag for the hospital trip. It's really coming to an end soon, isn't it? It's already the 38th week! I haven't felt any contractions yet though. We're beginning to think that the baby doesn't want to come out!

That was fine by me because I don't think I'm really ready to go through the actual birth itself. The closer it gets, the more I'm considering getting an epidural. I know I'm being silly. I shouldn't let all those talk of how painful normal birth is get to me. Mothers before me didn't get epidurals and they have had multiple births.

But this morning, we were told that I would go into labour next Friday by the gynae. It wasn't so much about what she said. It was how she said it that that took us awhile for the info to sink in.

"Let's do another check-up on Thursday, then we can go for delivery on Friday."

She said it so casually that it sounded like it was just another lunch set-up! Ipy was in shock the whole day. I know because he kept driving in circles.

In his typical male mind, he thought that I would experience some contractions or my water bag would burst while he was at work and I'd call him to tell him that I was on my way to the hospital and he'd rush to the labour suite in all his work-clothes glory.

He didn't expect the "action" to be THIS planned. Well... What did he expect after 38 weeks of pregnancy? At least I know for sure that I'll be heading to the hospital next Friday. I don't really like unpleasant surprises.


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