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Thursday, June 04, 2009 @ 1:31 pm

Dear Blogger,

This is the month of hospital visits for me. This week alone I've been to both CGH and SGH because of my father's deteriorating condition. Not to mention that I have my own gynaecology appointments and antenatal classes.

All these clinical appointments at the hospitals are causing me much stress. I keep questioning why my brothers can't even lift a finger to accompany my father to his appointments. It's not like it's a weekly affair. I don't think a day off from work will be a catastrophe. I guess that's the difference between sons and daughters.

Ipy and I went to a football match at Jalan Besar Stadium on Sunday. It was our first "live" football match together. The last football match I've watched was when Manchester United played in an exhibition match in Singapore. Anyway last Sunday's match was supposed to showcase ex-Liverpool "God", Robbie Fowler. As the after-match news had reported, he didn't even play at all!

It was certainly deception on the organiser's part. We didn't even know he was injured! Apparently, the organiser and the coach didn't want his injury to be publicly known lest tickets won't be sold. If that wasn't cheating to the consumers, I don't know what is.

The decent thing to do was to just tell everyone that he's injured and that he couldn't play. Then before the match started, he should graciously address his adoring fans, sign some autographs, take pictures or whatever. He didn't even do any of that! I had a mind to complain to the organiser but I was too busy with dad's appointments.

That wasn't all. I had forgotten how abusive and stupid some spectators could be in a football match. There was this Singh who just couldn't shut his trap! I think I've read about him in the New Paper before. What was stupid was that his verbal abuses were not even called for! For example, the poor referee didn't deserve all those name-calling because he didn't even make any glaring mistakes!

After about 70 minutes of the abuse, we left the stadium. I've tolerated enough. He was literally an ugly Singaporean. I mean he was seriously ugly to look at. I shot him a disgusted look before I left. He was as thick as a whale's blubber of course but his wife and daughter weren't. I don't know how they could just sit there and let him embarrass himself like that.


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