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Thursday, June 18, 2009 @ 11:14 am

Dear Blogger,

So many things to blog about, so little time to do so. I'm only able to access this right now because my dad's undergoing surgery on his eye as I'm writing this.

I'm glad the M1 sales guy recommended this Nokia E75 to me and I'm super glad that there's Wireless@SG at this hospital. I am so in love with my new phone just because of its WiFi feature. Its QWERTY keyboard is also handy.

Now I can blog almost anywhere!

Now let's see what has happened so far...

This month, I had cravings for afternoon English tea. Ipy wasn't so much into this because he thought it was too decadent. But ever since I had scones and tea at Cameron Highlands, I want to have that treat again!

I found a place that served afternoon tea at an affordable price. The ones normally served at the hotel restaurants were quite pricey for just tea and cakes. So on the 6th of June, Ipy and I made our way to Holland Village to have afternoon tea at Foster's The English Rose Cafe.

This restaurant was pretty much recommended in most of the eating forums here. In fact, it has its history from its former location at Specialist Shopping Centre. The Devonshire Cream Tea Set (sounds yummy already, doesn't it?) cost just $10.50.

Tea with scones, cakes and sandwiches

It is served from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily and comes with signature oven hot scones, cake and tasty finger sandwiches accompanied with butter, homemade strawberry preserve and fresh cream with a choice of a cup of tea or coffee.

The following day, despite being a lazy Sunday, we checked out the Motherhood Fair at Singapore Expo. We thought we could get some stuff for the baby, but with all the people and salespeople in there, I became overwhelmed. I just wanted to get out of there.

We didn't know where else to go. Somehow, we managed to get ourselves to Arab Street. We weren't sure why. We walked for awhile and across some performances at the Malay Heritage Centre.

I wanted to eat something Moroccan after watching a Moroccan special on Travel and Living Channel. The only place to go for this cuisine is of course, at Arab Street. As far as I know, there was only one restaurant that served Moroccan food, and that is at Deli Moroccan.

We ordered the lamb tajine because it was recommended. The lamb was very tender but the fries spoilt the whole dish. I don't think there were fries in authentic Moroccan dishes so I don't know why the chef dumped fries into the tajine.

Lamb tajine with pita bread and Moroccan apple juice

Sultan Mosque at night

The following Saturday was World Blood Donor's Day. Since I had donated blood twice last year (would have done more if I hadn't gotten pregnant), I was invited to Jurong Bird Park to celebrate the event.

I have not been to Jurong Bird Park since secondary school. Ipy hasn't even been there! So this was a good opportunity for us to check out the attraction. One just can't say no to free tickets.

We had expected lots of people there, but the sight of the queue at the entrance was shocking! Everywhere we looked, it's people, people and more people. We saw more people than birds! It was hard to fully enjoy the experience when there were too many people around. But we tried because not everyday that we get free tickets to an attraction.

A day at the Jurong Bird Park

My craving for afternoon tea continued. On Tuesday, right before my antenatal class at the hospital, I splurged myself to afternoon tea at The Lobby Lounge, Hotel Inter-Continental. The tea was yummy. The scones, strawberry preserves and cream were yummy. The cakes and mango mousse were extremely yummy. I wasn't too crazy about the sandwiches though.

Ipy said our soon-to-be-born child was too spoilt, what with all the luxurious food her mommy was eating.


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