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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @ 12:02 pm

Dear Blogger,

I went for my first antenatal class at the hospital yesterday. I didn't expect much in the first class because it was supposed to be introduction. It was actually about nutrition. I was already way past that phase.

The class didn't last very long because nobody wanted to take a tea break. I think most of the participants just wanted to get this over and done with after a long day at work.

Only one other participant and I didn't have our husbands with us. That didn't bother me so much because I was really tired getting angry about it. I won't even bother talking about it!

I haven't much need to take the train because most of my work and play are so near my home. So when I do take the train, like in yesterday, I was just curious to see if Singaporeans have become more gracious towards those who are truly in need of seats.

Of course when it comes to peak hours, it's every man for himself. It didn't matter if the authorities had dedicated seats to specific groups of people. This isn't just a Singaporean thing though. It's the same in KL too!

Strangely, people tend to be more gracious in the buses. Even during peak hours! I haven't taken the buses in town though, so it might be a different story.

Now that I'm in my third trimester, I look like there's a huge watermelon permanently stuck in my tummy. All that strain in the tummy hurts! And when the baby kicks, she really gives it to me. Sometimes I feel like the baby is just going to burst out of my tummy like in that Alien movie.

I have trouble breathing too. I'm actually breathing in gasps rather than the normal, easy-going breaths. I know I'm not asthmatic, but even if I suddenly develop asthma and suffers an attack, nobody would know because it's just dear, old me in this big house.

Dishes I've last cooked out of anger:

Bubur Lemak Daging (I had to give most of it away because I made a large pot of it)

Apple pie (Half of it given away)

A slice of crumbly apple pie with ice cream (Ice cream goes well with the tartness of the apple pie)

Moussaka, a Greek dish (A bit saltish because I underestimated the salt content of the minced sausages)


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