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Wednesday, April 15, 2009 @ 11:33 am

Dear Blogger,

I know. I know. I haven't posted any entries since last month. Many things have happened since then. There was Earth Hour, which I was supposed to blog about. There was the tragic food poisoning case, which everyone was still talking about.

Since my last entry, I have been occupied by craft projects. I have been crocheting baby clothes. I couldn't find crocheted or knitted baby clothes and accessories in the shops, so I decided to make some on my own.

I've never crocheted clothes before because I didn't have the patience to crochet several pieces of a garment and sew them together. Since baby clothes are generally small, I thought they wouldn't be too demanding on my patience level.

The first I made was a matinee coat. It was divided into 5 parts; the back, front left, front right and 2 sleeves. The whole coat came together in about 3 days.

Next, I crocheted a pair of baby booties. I downloaded the pattern online. These were the easiest to make (took only a couple of hours), and the cutest! I will definitely make several pairs of these with slight variations of course.

Then, I thought she would need a hat. I found the pattern online too. Very, very easy to make. Done in about 3 hours.

The last clothing I made was a summer dress. I took about 2 days to complete this. I love the shell sleeves and satin ribbon in the bodice.

Ipy thought the coat and dress was too small for the baby. These were designed for newborns, not 6-month-old babies. Besides, the gynae said she was a skinny baby. Hmmm... not like her mommy at all.

She may be a skinny baby, but she sure is active. She can give quite a kick to my gut. But she's generally well-behaved.

Ipy bought me a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle at Jigsaw Puzzle World. I love jigsaw puzzles! I can sit for hours and hours just piecing the puzzle together. I finished this puzzle in about 5 hours, so I asked Ipy to buy me another one. He bought me a 1000-piece set, which was about 20% completed as of now.

The completed bouquet puzzle awaiting Ipy to hang onto the wall

A very pregnant me inside the bus in Sentosa

Ipy and I in the cable car

Jazz by the Beach at Siloso Beach (it's playing every Saturday evening this whole month)


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