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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 @ 10:50 am

Dear Blogger,

I find the ongoing AWARE feud disturbing. I won't go into the details of this feud because it has been widely publicised in the media. Both warring factions are sure taking advantage of the easy access of the media to garner support for their ideals.

That is not what is disturbing to me. What I find disturbing is how the new members are pushing their religious beliefs into what is generally a secular institution. Based on newspaper reports, they have claimed that their Christian beliefs have nothing to do with their agenda. Is it coincidence then that most of them have links to the same church and to the same self-proclaimed "feminist mentor"?

AWARE has created milestones for all women for as long as I can remember. All these were done without any form of prejudice, especially of race or religion, which I believed were inscribed intentionally in our Pledge.

So, it will be a shame if Aware's future works will be influenced by religion because then, non-Christians like me will be hesitant to participate in the institution's activities. I do not want to start a theological war here, but I do have to ask why do some Christians make it their fanatical mission to convert others into their beliefs?

Is it not enough to just accept that there are differences in this world? Must the world be a homogenous society? It is ironic then that when Singapore markets itself as a tolerant multi-racial, multi-religious society, some of its people have shown little tolerance for the alternatives.

It is also a shame that this infighting has to involve women. Women all over the world have long tried to prove wrong the myth that women cannot work together. I guess when you have too many women in a room, catfights are inevitable. Somehow, I don't see a similar saga happening to a male-dominated institution.

On a lighter note, I am looking forward to watching "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". It opens today, a day ahead of its US release. I'm not sure when I'll catch it. These 2 weeks are after all, short weeks; Labour Day on Friday and Vesak Day next Saturday.

With the release of this movie, I guess it's officially the start of the summer blockbusters. I like summer blockbusters. They may be mostly braindead action movies but some of the recent releases were quite good.


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