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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 @ 10:50 am

Dear Blogger,

I find the ongoing AWARE feud disturbing. I won't go into the details of this feud because it has been widely publicised in the media. Both warring factions are sure taking advantage of the easy access of the media to garner support for their ideals.

That is not what is disturbing to me. What I find disturbing is how the new members are pushing their religious beliefs into what is generally a secular institution. Based on newspaper reports, they have claimed that their Christian beliefs have nothing to do with their agenda. Is it coincidence then that most of them have links to the same church and to the same self-proclaimed "feminist mentor"?

AWARE has created milestones for all women for as long as I can remember. All these were done without any form of prejudice, especially of race or religion, which I believed were inscribed intentionally in our Pledge.

So, it will be a shame if Aware's future works will be influenced by religion because then, non-Christians like me will be hesitant to participate in the institution's activities. I do not want to start a theological war here, but I do have to ask why do some Christians make it their fanatical mission to convert others into their beliefs?

Is it not enough to just accept that there are differences in this world? Must the world be a homogenous society? It is ironic then that when Singapore markets itself as a tolerant multi-racial, multi-religious society, some of its people have shown little tolerance for the alternatives.

It is also a shame that this infighting has to involve women. Women all over the world have long tried to prove wrong the myth that women cannot work together. I guess when you have too many women in a room, catfights are inevitable. Somehow, I don't see a similar saga happening to a male-dominated institution.

On a lighter note, I am looking forward to watching "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". It opens today, a day ahead of its US release. I'm not sure when I'll catch it. These 2 weeks are after all, short weeks; Labour Day on Friday and Vesak Day next Saturday.

With the release of this movie, I guess it's officially the start of the summer blockbusters. I like summer blockbusters. They may be mostly braindead action movies but some of the recent releases were quite good.


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Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 11:25 am

Dear Blogger,

I am still coughing, but not as bad as before. It is still annoying though. Whatever it is that is in my airways just won't leave! I cannot eat nor drink as freely as I want now because of this damn cough. Unfortunately, all I want to eat now are sweets and chocolates!

I am actually on the hunt for the ultimate mango cake. The best I have tasted was the Manhattan Mango Mousse cake at NYDC cafe. That was 2 years ago. I have yet to find a comparable one that is more accessible.

I sort of whizzed through the new Tampines 1 mall yesterday. Not intentionally of course. I would never step into any mall on a Sunday. It was because my throat just wanted to eat that elusive mango cake. I couldn't find any that tempted me.

Then I thought about ordering a cake for Mother's Day. I thought I should order one which offered free delivery. Looking at the choices online, I wasn't impressed at all. The cakes I had seen at the outlets looked much more appetising than the ones in the catalogue.

I finally decided to order the Chocolate Banana cake from Secret Recipe. The last time I had a taste of it, Ipy ate more than half of the slice. So that just meant that it was a good cake. Furthermore, Secret Recipe is offering 15% discount on all cakes for Mother's Day. I could use with the savings.


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Thursday, April 23, 2009 @ 12:08 am

Dear Blogger,

I have been sick for over a week with a persistent cough. It might just be some common cough to some people, but what I'm going through right now has caused me 3 trips to the GP, sleepless nights, on-off fevers and irregular breathing.

The first trip to the GP was very disappointing because the doctor didn't even prescribe me any cough medicine for fear of contractions to the baby. After 2 days of worsening coughing, I went back. This time, the doctor prescribed the cough syrup with addition medicine to unblock my airways. I wasn't able to breathe properly.

3 days later, I was at the GP again. I've finished all the medication but my cough hasn't subsided. I was prescribed antibiotics this time round. The doctor suspected that I may be infected with a virus in my airways.

I thought, whatever man. Anything to rid me of this cough. The coughing hasn't been easy on my respiratory system, let alone the baby. God knows how the baby is doing with all that coughing in my system.

But do you know what is worse than the pain and the worry? The fact that he is not here for me. It's one thing to leave a 6-month pregnant wife on her own for a few weeks, it's another to leave a 6-month pregnant wife who is SICK on her own for a few weeks!

Sometimes I really wonder if I'm really cared. If I'm really loved. It's always these moments when I am so vulnerable, so badly in need of a human love, that I learn the bitter truth that I can never depend on anybody else. Not even my husband.

My tears were in vain.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009 @ 11:33 am

Dear Blogger,

I know. I know. I haven't posted any entries since last month. Many things have happened since then. There was Earth Hour, which I was supposed to blog about. There was the tragic food poisoning case, which everyone was still talking about.

Since my last entry, I have been occupied by craft projects. I have been crocheting baby clothes. I couldn't find crocheted or knitted baby clothes and accessories in the shops, so I decided to make some on my own.

I've never crocheted clothes before because I didn't have the patience to crochet several pieces of a garment and sew them together. Since baby clothes are generally small, I thought they wouldn't be too demanding on my patience level.

The first I made was a matinee coat. It was divided into 5 parts; the back, front left, front right and 2 sleeves. The whole coat came together in about 3 days.

Next, I crocheted a pair of baby booties. I downloaded the pattern online. These were the easiest to make (took only a couple of hours), and the cutest! I will definitely make several pairs of these with slight variations of course.

Then, I thought she would need a hat. I found the pattern online too. Very, very easy to make. Done in about 3 hours.

The last clothing I made was a summer dress. I took about 2 days to complete this. I love the shell sleeves and satin ribbon in the bodice.

Ipy thought the coat and dress was too small for the baby. These were designed for newborns, not 6-month-old babies. Besides, the gynae said she was a skinny baby. Hmmm... not like her mommy at all.

She may be a skinny baby, but she sure is active. She can give quite a kick to my gut. But she's generally well-behaved.

Ipy bought me a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle at Jigsaw Puzzle World. I love jigsaw puzzles! I can sit for hours and hours just piecing the puzzle together. I finished this puzzle in about 5 hours, so I asked Ipy to buy me another one. He bought me a 1000-piece set, which was about 20% completed as of now.

The completed bouquet puzzle awaiting Ipy to hang onto the wall

A very pregnant me inside the bus in Sentosa

Ipy and I in the cable car

Jazz by the Beach at Siloso Beach (it's playing every Saturday evening this whole month)


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