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Monday, March 23, 2009 @ 11:33 am

Dear Blogger,

People usually have their on days and their off days. Lately, I've been having more off days than I can remember. These are days when either nothing goes right for me or that I just can't lift my finger to do anything.

It all started when Manchester United lost 4-1 to Liverpool. That night, I had like-minded friends come over to watch the game. Considering that this was the first time that I had friends come over for a gathering, it was quite exciting for me. It gave me a refreshing boost to doing the household chores.

The gathering went alright, but not the game. Who would have expected Manchester United to lose against Liverpool, let alone a 4-goal defeat? Certainly not I and certainly not Ipy even though he supported Liverpool. In fact, it was so unbelievable that Ipy thought there was a conspiracy theory going on! This wasn't the Liverpool he knew. Liverpool didn't win. Manchester United lost!

Football results generally don't have much effect on me. The next day however, I was so wrought with indecision that I didn't know whether to stay in or go out! Either way, there was nothing to do. The malls were packed. Outdoor walks were drenched in heavy rain. Eateries were boring.

Ipy decided to check out some baby products at Ubi. He had heard from his friend that there were a couple of baby hyperstores at Ubi and the prices were reasonable. It was a good idea but neither of us were prepared for a deluge of baby stuff.

There were so many things to consider that my brain was already spinning from information overload 5 minutes into the store! Just looking at the rows and rows of prams and strollers was enough to send anybody into the loony bin.

I didn't have my requirements for the baby stuffs in black and white, but my general rule was that if it looked and felt good, then that's the one for me. I knew Ipy was more concerned about the financial aspect of it. What did he expect? We were no longer living in an age when choices were limited. The financial headache didn't just end after the labour you know.

The following days were unexciting, unproductive and uninspired. I couldn't get my body out of bed. I didn't have the motivation to cook and I didn't have the energy to throw my laptop out of the window after it crashed several times within the space of an hour. Right now, I'm begging Ipy to buy me a new laptop.

Then I tried baking cookies. I found a cookie bible at the library, "Betty Crocker's Cookie Book". I attempted the Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. I wasn't sure if it was just me or the recipe (I think it was just me), my cookies came out flat. It was only now that I realised that I had to chill the dough first. Anyway, Ipy finished the whole jar of cookies.

Then, I made a stab at cooking nasi minyak with Basmati rice. I have never succeeded at cooking Basmati rice. This time, it was no different. The rice became porridge. Not only that, I had to cook with a bruised and probably broken ring finger. That happened when I accidently smashed it against the sink in the bathroom.

Of course as the whole football-crazy Singapore knew by now, Manchester United lost again, to Fulham this time, with 2 players sent off. Maybe this is all karma. I'm just looking for excuses here.


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