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Thursday, February 05, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

Dear Blogger,

One of my current favourite shows on TV is Discovery Home and Health's "Jon & Kate Plus 8". This reality show is shown daily on both Discovery Living (Starhub's Channel 16) and Discover Home and Health (Starhub's Channel 70). I try to watch it daily if I'm awake. Even though the one on Channel 16 is shown between 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., sleep gets the better of me sometimes.

Catch webepisodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 here

Jon and Kate Gosselin are an American couple who were blessed with a pair of multiple births. One set is a pair of twins. The other is a set of sextuplets!

Jon and Kate Gosselin

The twins; Cara and Mady

The sextuplets; Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Joel

Kate is definitely the domineering one, but she's very well-organised and doesn't take inefficiency lightly. Hmm... does that sound like anybody I know??? Anyway, Kate was a nurse before becoming a stay-at-home mom after the sextuplets were born.

Jon, on the other hand, is opposite of Kate. His patience towards all the craziness in the house especially to the commands barked at him by Kate, makes him a very endearing character. I guess he's like most husbands I know who marry a stronger wife.

Despite my hatred towards most supposed "reality" TV shows, I like watching the ones on Discovery Channel because they are not as dumb as the ones Fox Channel churns out every 5 minutes. Besides being fun to watch, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is educational too. It's brilliant to see how Kate organises her daily chores and her home to ensure some credible amount of sanity in her life.

Like how she transformed their garage into a functional storage for the children's toys and gadgets just by getting Jon to set up shelvings and ceiling baskets. Yes, Jon DIY the storage system one Saturday afternoon. I'm still trying to get Ipy to set up the storage system in the store room after 4 weeks of reminders.

Of course we're not going to have 8 kids. 5 children tops. Still, when there are babies and young children in the house, no matter the quantity, some amount of organisation is needed. No reason for the house to fall apart just because of a baby.

Ipy wants to have a baby every year. It's all for practical reasons. At his age, he can't afford to wait if he wants to ensure that his wife and kids will still live comfortably at a later age. I agree with him on that point. But I don't think I'm physically ready and able to get pregnant every year.

Once every 2 years would be comfortable for me. Besides, there's a medical study that said that spacing pregnancy every 2 years is best for both mother and child.

I think Ipy misses the sex and intimacy. It's understandable. The first year of marriage should be an enjoyable time for men. Well, honey, it's difficult to feel sexy and frisky when my body's aching all the time. I'm not exactly having the time of my life too you know.

But we're doing OK. Sex isn't everything in marriage.


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