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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 11:12 am

Dear Blogger,

My pregnancy has more or less stabilised now. There is still the occasional discomforts, like headaches. I hate the headaches! I hate that throbbing pain on my temples! My gynae said that if the headaches are not too serious, then it's normal.

I try to exercise my legs as much as I can by walking. To the market, to the shops, to anywhere where I've to run errands. I go to the market 3 or 4 times a week now because that's my excuse to get my cardiovascular exercise. If I do my grocery shopping twice a month like I used to, I'll be in bed the rest of the days.

Ipy too is exercising more. He goes swimming on Monday nights, while waiting for me to finish tuition. He jogs on Tuesday nights and we walk around the neighbourhood on Friday nights. On Saturdays, he either cooks or does the household chores. He rests on Sundays. All these right after his boss commented on how fat he has become.

Tuesdays and Fridays are generally my cooking days. I do cook on other days too, but on Tuesdays and Fridays, I don't have any tuition so I really cook or bake on these days. Better I spend my free days whipping up culinary fare in the kitchen then lying on the couch in front of the telly.

Yesterday, I tried my hand in making ondeh-ondeh. I had several keledek (sweet potatoes) lying idle in the cupboard for over a month. So, instead of letting them rot, I decided to make ondeh-ondeh keledek.

They're easy to make. It's just that, when you're pregnant, you'll spend quite a considerable amount of time sitting or standing when rolling the dough into balls. I was quite satisfied with the result but with 2 exceptions: One, some of the balls break during boiling. Two, the gula melaka didn't ooze out of the balls like I expected it to.

That's alright. I thought it was a good try for a first-timer. Always keep encouraging oneself so as not to feel de-motivated.

Ondeh-ondeh keledek covered in a coconut snow

I also tried cooking rendang for the first time. There are so many versions of rendang in the cookbooks. I chose to cook rendang padang because it looks the easiest with the least ingredients. What I had not realised was that Padang-style dishes tend to be generally spicy. I only realised it when the recipe called for 40 cili padi (bird's eye chilies)!

So you can imagine how spicy this dish was. But it was damn good! Ipy and I finished this dish within hours, which was unfortunate because it just means that I have to cook another dish today.

Rendang Padang

You think that's the end of my cooking for the day? No it wasn't. I wanted to get rid of the instant prata which we had bought over a month ago. 2 days ago, without thinking so much, I sprinkled some shredded cheddar on a piece of prata while it's still cooking, and I layered it with another piece of prata.

I thought they were going to turn out thick, but they remained thin and crispy with melted cheese in every bite. So that got me thinking. What if I add potatoes and peas? So I made potato masala (another first-time), and my pratas became like thin pies.

They were quite yummy and very filling. But most importantly, there are no more frozen pratas in my fridge! It gets kind of irritating when I see too many things in the fridge. We tend to forget what's in there sometimes!


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