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Thursday, February 26, 2009 @ 11:11 am

Dear Blogger,

I know I haven't been consistently blogging ever since I got married. Worse since I've became pregnant. It isn't that I haven't much to comment. I just feel it's quite a hassle to switch on my laptop, log on and start typing. These days, I can usually be found either in front of the telly or in the kitchen.

Talking about telly, I'm glad Star World has brought back "Murder She Wrote". Gosh! I watched that series when I was still in primary school! The plots may be too simplistic after watching the series again now, but back then, the show started my interest in crime fiction/murder mystery novels.

The irreplaceable Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

I hope Hollywood doesn't remake this series. After watching the latest influx of TV show remakes (Bionic Woman, 90210, Knight Rider), I've had enough of this rehash of classic shows. The studios didn't do the shows any justice at all!

On Monday morning, I was fortunate to catch the Oscars "live". Nothing beats watching an event like this "live". One never knows what one might see or hear. In the repeated telecast, most of the gay speeches and scenes were cut out, no thanks to the censors.

I knew Hugh Jackman is a multi-talented fellow, but I'm going to have a hard time seeing him as Wolverine now. The last time I saw him sing and dance on stage was when he hosted the Tony awards a few years back. Man! If he wasn't happily married with 2 kids, I could have sworn he was out and out gay!

Hugh Jackman as host to this year's Oscars (He sure looks good in tux doesn't he?)


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