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Thursday, February 26, 2009 @ 11:11 am

Dear Blogger,

I know I haven't been consistently blogging ever since I got married. Worse since I've became pregnant. It isn't that I haven't much to comment. I just feel it's quite a hassle to switch on my laptop, log on and start typing. These days, I can usually be found either in front of the telly or in the kitchen.

Talking about telly, I'm glad Star World has brought back "Murder She Wrote". Gosh! I watched that series when I was still in primary school! The plots may be too simplistic after watching the series again now, but back then, the show started my interest in crime fiction/murder mystery novels.

The irreplaceable Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

I hope Hollywood doesn't remake this series. After watching the latest influx of TV show remakes (Bionic Woman, 90210, Knight Rider), I've had enough of this rehash of classic shows. The studios didn't do the shows any justice at all!

On Monday morning, I was fortunate to catch the Oscars "live". Nothing beats watching an event like this "live". One never knows what one might see or hear. In the repeated telecast, most of the gay speeches and scenes were cut out, no thanks to the censors.

I knew Hugh Jackman is a multi-talented fellow, but I'm going to have a hard time seeing him as Wolverine now. The last time I saw him sing and dance on stage was when he hosted the Tony awards a few years back. Man! If he wasn't happily married with 2 kids, I could have sworn he was out and out gay!

Hugh Jackman as host to this year's Oscars (He sure looks good in tux doesn't he?)


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 11:12 am

Dear Blogger,

My pregnancy has more or less stabilised now. There is still the occasional discomforts, like headaches. I hate the headaches! I hate that throbbing pain on my temples! My gynae said that if the headaches are not too serious, then it's normal.

I try to exercise my legs as much as I can by walking. To the market, to the shops, to anywhere where I've to run errands. I go to the market 3 or 4 times a week now because that's my excuse to get my cardiovascular exercise. If I do my grocery shopping twice a month like I used to, I'll be in bed the rest of the days.

Ipy too is exercising more. He goes swimming on Monday nights, while waiting for me to finish tuition. He jogs on Tuesday nights and we walk around the neighbourhood on Friday nights. On Saturdays, he either cooks or does the household chores. He rests on Sundays. All these right after his boss commented on how fat he has become.

Tuesdays and Fridays are generally my cooking days. I do cook on other days too, but on Tuesdays and Fridays, I don't have any tuition so I really cook or bake on these days. Better I spend my free days whipping up culinary fare in the kitchen then lying on the couch in front of the telly.

Yesterday, I tried my hand in making ondeh-ondeh. I had several keledek (sweet potatoes) lying idle in the cupboard for over a month. So, instead of letting them rot, I decided to make ondeh-ondeh keledek.

They're easy to make. It's just that, when you're pregnant, you'll spend quite a considerable amount of time sitting or standing when rolling the dough into balls. I was quite satisfied with the result but with 2 exceptions: One, some of the balls break during boiling. Two, the gula melaka didn't ooze out of the balls like I expected it to.

That's alright. I thought it was a good try for a first-timer. Always keep encouraging oneself so as not to feel de-motivated.

Ondeh-ondeh keledek covered in a coconut snow

I also tried cooking rendang for the first time. There are so many versions of rendang in the cookbooks. I chose to cook rendang padang because it looks the easiest with the least ingredients. What I had not realised was that Padang-style dishes tend to be generally spicy. I only realised it when the recipe called for 40 cili padi (bird's eye chilies)!

So you can imagine how spicy this dish was. But it was damn good! Ipy and I finished this dish within hours, which was unfortunate because it just means that I have to cook another dish today.

Rendang Padang

You think that's the end of my cooking for the day? No it wasn't. I wanted to get rid of the instant prata which we had bought over a month ago. 2 days ago, without thinking so much, I sprinkled some shredded cheddar on a piece of prata while it's still cooking, and I layered it with another piece of prata.

I thought they were going to turn out thick, but they remained thin and crispy with melted cheese in every bite. So that got me thinking. What if I add potatoes and peas? So I made potato masala (another first-time), and my pratas became like thin pies.

They were quite yummy and very filling. But most importantly, there are no more frozen pratas in my fridge! It gets kind of irritating when I see too many things in the fridge. We tend to forget what's in there sometimes!


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Monday, February 09, 2009 @ 12:00 pm

Dear Blogger,

My tummy is starting to feel heavier now. It's really straining my back! My legs hurt too if I stand too long, especially my ankles. It's hard not to remember to take a seat every now and the when I'm engrossed with cooking in the kitchen.

Last Friday, I made Putri Salat and minestrone. I made 2 baking tins of Putri Salat, one to be given away to family members, and the other for Ipy. See how Ipy's was specially made in a heart-shaped tin.

I wasn't too sure if the Putri Salat would come out decent. I don't exactly have a good track record with any desserts with custards. But the 2 tins turned out fine. The pandan custard was sweet but not too sweet, and the glutinous rice was edible enough.

I like minestrone. Traditionally, it isn't cooked with much pasta. It should be more like a soup. But I like to make mine hearty with wholemeal pasta and big chunks of carrots and potatoes. It's a balanced meal on its own!

Then on Saturday, I helped Ipy make roti kirai. He wanted to try making it, but I ended up doing most of it. He cooked the chicken curry though, experimental as it was.

I don't really like making roti kirai because it is very tiring! The preparation may be easy, but the cooking is really exhausting. You have to stand over the stove and pan-fry the roti kirai, followed by the requisite folding. I didn't realise how long I have stood until my legs crumbled over the couch after the final drop of batter was cooked.

I guess my life now revolves around a daily schedule of cooking, laundry and tutoring. Even at this moment, I'm thinking of what to cook for lunch and dinner. For unknown reasons, it just doesn't feel right not to have any decent meal ready when my husband comes home.

Ipy usually eats what I've cooked for him, and he'd understand if I don't feel like cooking anything. Still, it would be nice to come home to a home-cooked meal. I know I felt that way when I came home to have mother's cooking ready for consumption.

I know that there are many women out there who would like to live a day of my life. Sometimes, I too wonder if I should explore my fullest potential back at the workforce. But honestly, I'm not thrilled about working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I'm not looking forward to the office dramas.

So, why should I been hated for having the choices that I have? I've always believed that whatever choice one makes, she has to be responsible for it. With the right attitude, one can always make the best out of it.

I may not be earning tens of thousands of dollars a year, and my current status as a homemaker may be looked down upon by a certain segment of society, I am happy. And that's rewarding enough for me.


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Thursday, February 05, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

Dear Blogger,

One of my current favourite shows on TV is Discovery Home and Health's "Jon & Kate Plus 8". This reality show is shown daily on both Discovery Living (Starhub's Channel 16) and Discover Home and Health (Starhub's Channel 70). I try to watch it daily if I'm awake. Even though the one on Channel 16 is shown between 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., sleep gets the better of me sometimes.

Catch webepisodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 here

Jon and Kate Gosselin are an American couple who were blessed with a pair of multiple births. One set is a pair of twins. The other is a set of sextuplets!

Jon and Kate Gosselin

The twins; Cara and Mady

The sextuplets; Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Joel

Kate is definitely the domineering one, but she's very well-organised and doesn't take inefficiency lightly. Hmm... does that sound like anybody I know??? Anyway, Kate was a nurse before becoming a stay-at-home mom after the sextuplets were born.

Jon, on the other hand, is opposite of Kate. His patience towards all the craziness in the house especially to the commands barked at him by Kate, makes him a very endearing character. I guess he's like most husbands I know who marry a stronger wife.

Despite my hatred towards most supposed "reality" TV shows, I like watching the ones on Discovery Channel because they are not as dumb as the ones Fox Channel churns out every 5 minutes. Besides being fun to watch, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is educational too. It's brilliant to see how Kate organises her daily chores and her home to ensure some credible amount of sanity in her life.

Like how she transformed their garage into a functional storage for the children's toys and gadgets just by getting Jon to set up shelvings and ceiling baskets. Yes, Jon DIY the storage system one Saturday afternoon. I'm still trying to get Ipy to set up the storage system in the store room after 4 weeks of reminders.

Of course we're not going to have 8 kids. 5 children tops. Still, when there are babies and young children in the house, no matter the quantity, some amount of organisation is needed. No reason for the house to fall apart just because of a baby.

Ipy wants to have a baby every year. It's all for practical reasons. At his age, he can't afford to wait if he wants to ensure that his wife and kids will still live comfortably at a later age. I agree with him on that point. But I don't think I'm physically ready and able to get pregnant every year.

Once every 2 years would be comfortable for me. Besides, there's a medical study that said that spacing pregnancy every 2 years is best for both mother and child.

I think Ipy misses the sex and intimacy. It's understandable. The first year of marriage should be an enjoyable time for men. Well, honey, it's difficult to feel sexy and frisky when my body's aching all the time. I'm not exactly having the time of my life too you know.

But we're doing OK. Sex isn't everything in marriage.


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Sunday, February 01, 2009 @ 11:31 am

Dear Blogger,

Do you know how much it cost to tame my wild hair? Almost $400!!! But since it's in a package, the pinch doesn't hurt so much. My hair is so much easier to manage now, although I'm still not used to seeing a Chinese-looking girl staring back in the mirror.

I do miss my curls a little. The curls added some zaniness to my personality. But whatever I've been doing to my hair all these years have worsened the condition. The hair loss I've tolerated for so long can no longer be ignored. So it was time for a little investment.

On Sunday, there was a feature on big babies in The Sunday Times. My sister and I were born as big babies. So I wouldn't be surprised if this little one will come out big too. But Ipy is apprehensive about taking care of a big baby. He's not comfortable with the idea of what he called a "Michelin Baby" emerging from my body.

That's why he's always reminding me to eat the right foods. Well it would have been easier if he watches what he eats too! He's not exactly losing that paunch. What's frustrating is that he gets very insecure whenever someone commented on how "big" he has grown. After which, he'd say he'd do something about it, but he never does!

He'd go to sleep on Friday or Saturday night, vowing to go for a jog the next morning and when morning comes, he has forgotten about it. He's like a broken record! He would say many other things, and to avoid bursting a blood vessel, I'd just say, "Yes dear".


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