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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 @ 3:48 pm

Dear Blogger,

Yesterday, Ipy and I were at the Raffles Women's Clinic at Raffles Hospital for a special baby scan. This scan was to determine the risk of developing a Down Syndrome's baby. It was a non-surgically evasive scan.

Basically, the specialist measures certain parts of the baby through the scan and through the wonderful advancement of medical technology, the computer churns out a statistical report of possibilities.

We are happy to announce that our baby is normal and we also found out the sex of the baby! At first, I thought it would be cool to be surprised upon delivery. But then, I thought, why bother playing guessing games. Ipy thought so too.

He's thrilled that a little princess in on the way. He's already given her a nickname! A nickname which is too embarrassing to say. I fear self-esteem issues to the child in her later years with that nickname.

Ipy prefers girls to boys. He thinks that girls will always have that sense of nurture and care throughout their lives. He saw it in his sisters when his mother was sick. He saw it in me when my father was sick.

Boys on the other hand, grow up with heavier responsibilities. I have no gender preferences. As long as our children grow up to be responsible human beings, I'm happy.

Now that I am coming into my second trimester, I hope all the discomforts I've been experiencing before will cease. It is said that the second trimester is the "honeymoon period" for a pregnant woman. This is the time when her skin glows, her hair thick and glossy and her body so maternally sexy. I so want to believe all that!


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