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Monday, January 05, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

Dear Blogger,

The New Year celebrations came and gone without much hoohah, at least to me. Ipy came home in time to celebrate the new year with me at home. With my condition, there was no way I was going to get dressed and join the revelry in town. Besides, I can't stand crowds!

There wasn't much to celebrate anyway. The countdown broadcasted "live" on TV was a clear waste of our time and money. With so much awards that Mediacorps had been crowing about the past year, I had expected a better production from them for the countdown show.

Before we knew it, it's already the 5th day of the new year, and the start of a full working day. Tuition is starting again today, but I won't be taking any new students this year. I won't be taking anymore crap either. Despite being pregnant (unplanned as it is), I am as much committed to my students' academic progress as any other parent would.

This pregnancy hasn't been easy. I don't mind being pregnant and all. I just can do without the nausea, the stomach cramps, the acute sense of smell and the fatigue. Especially the fatigue. I hate to be lying in bed all day but that's what I've been doing all this while! I can't do much without wanting to crawl back into bed.

I can't even walk a hundred metres without looking like I'm suffering from hyperventilation! And my newfound superhuman sense of smell is not making things any pleasant for me. I've lost so much appetite because of it!

I'm supposed to be on a healthy diet, but I've been snacking on things which I usually don't. For example, I usually don't eat junk food like fries. These days, I only want to eat fries and nuggets. I've not been eating my usual fare of salads. In fact, I seem to detest vegetables now!

Come to think of it, I'm eating things that Ipy usually favours. So this baby is definitely his child! He thinks all these are funny. He doesn't fully realise the consequences of his unhealthy diet yet. But he's been attentive to my needs. Even to the point of taking more responsibility with the household chores, which is wonderful! I don't have the energy to mop the floors or cook anyway.


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