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Sunday, February 01, 2009 @ 11:31 am

Dear Blogger,

Do you know how much it cost to tame my wild hair? Almost $400!!! But since it's in a package, the pinch doesn't hurt so much. My hair is so much easier to manage now, although I'm still not used to seeing a Chinese-looking girl staring back in the mirror.

I do miss my curls a little. The curls added some zaniness to my personality. But whatever I've been doing to my hair all these years have worsened the condition. The hair loss I've tolerated for so long can no longer be ignored. So it was time for a little investment.

On Sunday, there was a feature on big babies in The Sunday Times. My sister and I were born as big babies. So I wouldn't be surprised if this little one will come out big too. But Ipy is apprehensive about taking care of a big baby. He's not comfortable with the idea of what he called a "Michelin Baby" emerging from my body.

That's why he's always reminding me to eat the right foods. Well it would have been easier if he watches what he eats too! He's not exactly losing that paunch. What's frustrating is that he gets very insecure whenever someone commented on how "big" he has grown. After which, he'd say he'd do something about it, but he never does!

He'd go to sleep on Friday or Saturday night, vowing to go for a jog the next morning and when morning comes, he has forgotten about it. He's like a broken record! He would say many other things, and to avoid bursting a blood vessel, I'd just say, "Yes dear".


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