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Friday, December 05, 2008 @ 9:13 am

Dear Blogger,

Ipy and I are going to start packing for our trip to Israel today. I don't think we'll be going out today because we've been out shopping for a week already. I feel quite exhausted just thinking of going shopping again.

Not that we've bought a lot of stuff. There were plenty of sales, but the thing about sales is that one can rarely fit into the sizes or the products are not to one's liking. I did manage to snag some pair of denim jeans at CLUBMARC which were going for $15 a pair. They fit quite comfortably too!

We've been around town and Vivocity looking for a winter coat for me. I do have some coats in my wardrobe, but they're not really meant for winter temperatures. I prefer coats to jackets because they fit better on my body than jackets.

Zara had some nice and affordable coats. Unfortunately, none was in my size. We went to different Zara outlets but each outlet carried slightly different collections. We didn't want to spend too much on this so eventually we decided to just buy it in Israel.

I'm still not feeling well despite being out and about in different shopping malls this past week. One day I'll be eating more than I usually do. The next day, I'll just don't have any appetite at all. I have stomach cramps and indigestion almost daily. I feel lethargic most of the time.

Ipy and I went to the doctor yesterday to find out what's wrong with me. The doctor only prescribed me vitamin and mineral supplements. I was advised to stay away from certain foods and certain vices like smoking. Not that it would be a problem. I haven't smoked in half a year because I've become quite sensitive to it. Strange.

I hope I won't start throwing up in the flight tomorrow. My tummy has become quite sensitive to movements lately.

These are dangerous times too what with India on high alert and Bangkok in doubt. I can empathise with Bangkok's cause, but the attacks in Mumbai were just plain senseless.


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