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Thursday, November 13, 2008 @ 11:49 pm

Dear Blogger,

Who knew that deciding on a wedding cake could kill so many grey cells??? It used to be just about the taste and the design on the cake. As anal as I was, I had to decide on how the cake should be displayed, how the cake should be served, how the cake should do this and how the cake should do that.

And why are wedding cakes so expensive??? I was mentally prepared for our wedding cake to cost about $400-$500 and ours had to cost more than that. Perfect Frosting was highly recommended by my caterer and decorator so we decided to give it a try. I guess quality sure does have a price.

To view other cakes by Perfect Frosting, go to their website.

It seems that as the nearer the wedding day gets (15 days to be exact!), the more annoyingly compulsive to perfection I've become. I've to make sure that everyone does his job, from the caterer to the decorator to even the groom!

I wish I could say, "Thank God I'm only doing this once!", but not many people does "this" once anymore. Besides, I don't want to jinx myself by saying it.

On a different note, we all know how the civil sector works. They're mostly slow to react and incompetent. Ipy received a reminder letter about an outstanding parking notice last month. The funny thing was, we didn't even receive the first notice and on the date, time and venue of the offence, our car wasn't even parked there!

I wrote in to the Housing Development Board (HDB) about the error on the night we received the reminder letter. Nicely of course. We received their reply only last night. See how inefficient they are!

That wasn't all. In its reply, the writer had the gall to say my "appeal" was rejected and they weren't able to waive my charges. I didn't even write in an appeal and I didn't even request for a waiver! All I asked was for them to investigate the matter.

They didn't even acknowledge that they had a mistake! It was so obvious in their letter that the vehicle involved wasn't ours. It was a similar-looking vehicle number. The 4 digits were jumbled.

Of course I wasn't happy! They had made a mistake and the least they could do was to apologise! There were no apology of any kind in their letter at all! So I wrote them a strong-worded letter about their incompetency and bad manners. I made 2 copies, one to the head of the branch and one to the writer itself.

I didn't even request for any special favours this time. Only an apology. Some people might wonder why I didn't just close the matter. It wasn't about pride or money. It was about the principle. We are dealing with a service here. So serve with quality!


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