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Thursday, November 27, 2008 @ 10:51 pm

Dear Blogger,

Tonight is my last night as an officially "Single" person. After that, I've to circle "Married" whenever marital status is asked in any of those pesky forms. For some reasons, that just makes me sound old.

Personally, I feel no difference whether I'm single or married. I think, the difference is only felt by those outside Ipy and I. My parents would hopefully lay me off about the marriage bit, but that doesn't mean they'll completely leave me alone. They'll find other issues to interfere with my life.

I basically don't care about my relatives. They can talk all they want, but after tomorrow, they'll only move on to the next person getting married.

Ipy and I would have loved to celebrate our last "Single" night somewhere in town. But I'm not feeling well. I've been under the weather for a couple of weeks now. Stress-related illnesses are not something to take lightly, although I've been quite hesitant to visit the doctor.

Even Ipy is feeling the stress! This wedding has been pretty much a war between me and my family, and much of the time, he was unfairly dragged into this war. He's that much of a people-pleaser.

I have such a strong character and that worries him. Not because he would feel less of a man with me, but because he feels the need to protect me from all the misunderstandings that people have of me. I told him repeatedly not to worry about me, and that worries him even more.

Ipy and I just want tomorrow to be over and done with. It's only a 3-hour event, yet look at the dramas that it has created! God forbid that we have to do this all over again.


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