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Sunday, November 30, 2008 @ 11:04 pm

Dear Blogger,

Nobody and nothing should make the bride unhappy on her wedding day. Just like nobody or nothing should make anybody cry on his/her birthday. But that was what happened on our wedding.

A few minutes just after my arrival, my sister-in-law (unfortunately) snatched away all the menu cards on the table, right in front of me and my guests. I didn't know what was going on but when I asked her, she said something irrational and then snubbed me!

The menu card printed in gold paper

I was so thrown off by her behaviour that I became very upset. All these right before the solemnisation! Even under those thick makeup, one can see how pissed I looked. I didn't even bother to hide the anger. Why should I???

I later found out that she pulled down the reception poster and took away the wedding album from my sister. That made me even more upset that I swear to God, I just wanted to walk out of the my own wedding.

The wedding reception poster right next to the reception table where the guest book and wedding album were

You don't go around people's weddings and take away elements just because you don't like them. So what if you're family?! You just don't do that! That's just rude and disrespectful.

Firstly, this wedding was solely planned, paid for and executed by the bride and groom. Secondly, she came late! She's the sister of the groom and she came later than most of the other guests! So what right did she have to do that???

Right after the solemnisation, I made my feelings known to Ipy while our stylists updated our look in the manager's office. He had to know what his sister did. This wasn't just his event. It was our event! I had guests asking for those menu cards because they wanted to keep as mementos!

Ipy must have spoken to her while I was chatting with the guests. She stormed past me right after the event. That just shows that just because she wears a tudung, that didn't make her any better a person than me.

Other than that fiasco, the rest of the event went well. As expected, Ipy and I didn't touch much of our food. My dad who was sitting at our table wasn't feeling well. I was left to attend to him while my mother was off chatting with her guests.

He had a slight temperature, but he held on till the end of the event. My brothers went about doing their tasks without any glitch, which was unexpected. I was quite proud of them. My sister did her part too, on top of getting a free makeover from our stylists.

I guess the only reason I put up with the event was seeing my father holding out despite being sick. At that moment, everything else didn't matter. That bitch didn't matter to me. That's Ipy's problem to deal with.

We did have a long talk about it at our hotel. He was surprised at the audacity of all his sisters. He was very much disappointed with them. We both made an agreement that we'll keep minimal contact with certain people. We'll just lead our own lives as best as we can.

Most of the guests stayed till the very end, which was unexpected too. The food was well-received. The cupcakes were given away. The fresh flowers were given away. We were told that almost everyone had a good time.

What's there not to like? Nobody had to prepare anything. Nobody had to clean up anything. Every guest came in their best outfits and left with many photos and gifts. Some even went shopping before and after the event! It was at Orchard Road after all!

Finally this day is over, and everyone can leave us in peace. Not that I don't have good memories of the event. It's just one of those days where I didn't like the attention very much. I guess I'm just not a wedding person.

Last but not least, my sincere gratitude to the people who had made this event possible...

Garuda Padang Cuisine - for the wonderful venue, delicious food and professional staff (Zai was the efficient manager in charge)

D'Glamz Wedding - for the gorgeous makeup and outfits, as well as Ashly and Ryzs' attentive services (more pictures of my makeover in their website)

Anggerik Impian - for the exquisite design and decor at the venue (love the roses and the pearls and the crystal arch. Kudos to Shiddek!)

Perfect Frosting - for the beautiful wedding cake and cupcakes centrepiece.

Park Hotel - for our very comfortable stay right in the heart of Orchard Road.

Tiffany & Co - for their heart-warming service and timeless rings

Soo Kee Jewellery - for their excellent service and promotions (Parkway Parade outlet only)

Raizan's DJ service

Family and friends

Ipy and I tasting the cupcakes


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