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Wednesday, November 19, 2008 @ 8:00 am

Dear Blogger,

I spent the whole day yesterday in the hospital with my parents. It started with a routine check-up for my dad. I was only needed there to communicate with the doctor.

Like any other restructured hospitals in Singapore, it's really pointless to make any appointments because you'll end up waiting for hours just to check your blood pressure level. I really don't understand a medical institution's insistence for appointments where it's never on time.

A routine check-up turned into a super long day waiting at the A&E to waiting for a bed for admission. My father's blood test results indicated an extremely high level of potassium, brought on by a possible infection or kidney deterioration. The latter was probably the effect of his diabetes.

Too much potassium in the blood would increase a person's risk of a cardiac arrest. Apparently, the potassium makes the heart beat faster than normal, like a horse's. Thus, a possible heart attack.

We wouldn't know all these if I wasn't a curious cat. During his check-up at the clinic, I asked his doctor why he bruised and bled easily. Whenever I visited my dad, I always see some fresh wounds on his limbs. His doctor wasn't sure so he ordered a blood test.

I never found out why my father bruised and bled easily. But we did find out about his potassium level. We were on our way home when his doctor called about the blood test result. I thought it best that we return to the hospital for more tests to be done on my father.

The A&E is not a place for the impatient. Never ever believe a doctor when he tells you to see him in half an hour. When Ipy joined us at A&E, we were waiting for his second blood test results to confirm the earlier results. After over an hour of waiting to be called, I walked up to the nurses' station and demanded to be attended. The test results were ready 20 minutes ago.

Soon after, my father was wheeled to the observation room. Another half an hour of waiting and the doctor told us that he's going to try to reduce my father's potassium level, which was severely high.

More waiting afterwards. An hour later, I asked the nurse again on what were we waiting for. She said that my father had to be admitted and they're waiting for a bed up in the wards. Then she realised that the doctor hadn't printed the admission documents yet. I could have blown up there and then.

I walked up and down the A&E floor gathering documents and filling up forms here and there. All these could have been done during that hour of waiting! If I had just kept waiting like an idiot outside the observation room, none of these would have been done! How I hate incompetency!

By the time a bed was available, it was almost 9 p.m. My mother and I had been in the hospital since 2 p.m. It was a very long day indeed. A long day of waiting that is! I think 85% of our time were spent on waiting!

When my father was finally up in the wards, it was close to 10 p.m. More forms to fill in. More questionnaires. Another half an hour later, the on-call doctor made his way to my dad's bed. More questions, but nothing conclusive. We dismissed ourselves when my father had fallen asleep.

It's going to be another long day today. I'm trying to catch his doctor on his rounds today. My PSP has been fully charged. The battery died on me yesterday evening and I was left dead bored. I'll bring a book and my crochet in case it dies on me again today.


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