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Tuesday, November 04, 2008 @ 7:50 pm

Dear Blogger,

I read with both contempt and sadness in the newspapers today, about the mother and daughter who were sentenced to jail for abusing their domestic worker. Why do these people do that???

Is it not enough that these domestic workers left their family and country to take care of our homes and our family? Even if some of these domestic workers do not get a day off (mostly those hired by Malays), must they be treated worse than cockroaches?

Every time I read about such cases, they invoke memories of when my family had a domestic worker. It was over a decade ago. No, we didn't physically abuse our domestic worker. But I never liked the way my mother bossed her around like some slave. My mother didn't give her any day off either.

She also liked to bring our domestic worker around and made her do the chores in other people's homes. I strongly disapproved of my mother's behaviour, but I was too young then to make any difference.

I wasn't comfortable to let a stranger fold my undergarments. I never thought that was what she was paid for. Actually, we didn't even need a domestic worker! We might be young then, but we were still old enough and capable enough to take care of ourselves.

Since then, I have never embraced the idea of engaging a domestic worker in my future household. If I can manage it, why pay a stranger to do so? It's not like I'm ever going to run a Fortune 500 company anyway. If the situation calls for it, I hope I will not turn into my mother.

Ipy had a theory for this kind of behaviour. He said most people who lived in countries which were colonised before had an inferiority complex syndrome. So when they get the chance to manage over someone else, they lose themselves over the power they held. I thought that made sense.

My mother was always at the near bottom of the pecking order at work. So when she was given the power to manage a domestic worker, she thought she was the queen! Unfortunately, these people forget that these workers are humans too, and they are entitled to human rights benefits.

I truly feel sad for these faux leaders. They are a disappointment to the country, to the society, to their family and most of all, to themselves.

On another note, my diet doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I've almost completely eliminated carbohydrates in my diet. I still eat the occasional potatoes though. I've not eaten red meat for awhile, preferring fish instead. The cooking oil is untouched too!

Yet, my weight's stagnant! What the hell is it waiting for??? Must I do a Karen Carpenter to see some changes??? Maybe I should make myself sick. That usually takes the weight off.

Steamed fish with lots of ginger and garlic

Vegetarian minestrone

Today, it's these 2 dishes. Tomorrow, it'll be cabbage soup. Oh wow! More vegetarian soups!

Oh! Another thing! I managed to get a ring pillow from SooKee Jewellery. When I was at the store last week to get my platinum wedding band engraved, I actually asked the staff about it. He wouldn't give it to me. So I wrote in!

When my email didn't receive any reply after a week, I called them this morning! As usual, calls like these get passed around even though customers spent thousands of dollars at their stores. When I finally managed to speak with one of the staff at the office, I couldn't be a bitch because she was super polite and apologetic.

Eventually, SooKee Jewellery gave me a ring pillow! Apparently, customers who bought a pair of wedding bands get this complimentary gift only upon request, and if and only if the purchase was above a thousand dollars.

Ipy may have not bought a pair of wedding bands, but he did buy me a platinum wedding band and an 18K white gold diamond bracelet. So do the maths! Anyway, a little perseverance and persistence goes a long way. Sometimes, all we have to do is ask.


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