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Sunday, November 16, 2008 @ 11:48 pm

Dear Blogger,

I hate weddings!!! I hate it more than I hate my menses! Menstruation is already a bane to every woman but I'd relish going through the ordeal every month than to go through a wedding!

Why did I ever bother setting up one for myself? I've always hated weddings, so why did I think that mine would be any different??? I hate the hassle. I hate the fuss. I hate all the double-faced meetings with people all in the name of relationship-building. I hate pretending to be other than myself!

I am so tense right now. Anger and hatred about this wedding is running so deep in my veins that I'm not talking to anyone. I immerse myself in my own little world because that's the only place where I can find stability.


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