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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 @ 8:25 am

Dear Blogger,

I feel very tired and dull. It's as if this wedding is taking a toll on my energy. It's not like Ipy and I are excited about it anymore. This wedding has become more like a party that we both didn't want to attend. In fact, we weren't even thinking about this wedding till yesterday!

My father was discharged last Saturday. I don't know what my mother was told because I wasn't there. When it comes to healthcare, my mother is like those makciks from the kampung. They have their own beliefs on what is good for the patient. They think they are knowledgeable about these things but in fact, they are as gullible as a child who has been given candy.

I have to take my father to the hospital again today for his renal specialist appointment. His kidney isn't functioning well. Unfortunately today, I'm not in the mood to wait for long. The hospital administration still can't answer why bother setting up an appointment when we still have to wait hours to be seen.

Back to the wedding. Ipy and I decided to just let things be. Whatever happens this Friday, it won't be our fault. We've done all we could to make this wedding happen the way we want to. Whether or not people want to turn up, it's no longer our concern.

Even when the kadi has messed up, it's not our problem. The agreement was for him to come at a specified time and since he has taken his own sweet time to come back and tell us that he can't make it, that's not our problem. That is his problem and responsibility.

Religious man or not, that's typical Malay work ethics. After months of registration, he had plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements. Don't expect to make yourself known 2 weeks before the event and say you can't make it.

That said, I won't apologise for being a bitch. Sometimes one has to be a bitch to get things done. I've stepped on so many toes just to ensure that things were done. Even Ipy wasn't spared. If I hadn't harp on him constantly, he'd do everything last minute.

So before I burst an artery, I am going to go on many long solitary walks as possible. Numb myself to as many criticisms as possible. Prepare myself for bigger challenges ahead. Ipy and I will definitely be facing bigger and more exciting challenges ahead!


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