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Saturday, October 18, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

Dear Blogger,

This afternoon was my first lesson in dressmaking. Even though I have actually sewn a skirt, with a sewing machine, in Home Economics class almost 16 years ago, I am as good as have never sewn at all.

The first lesson was on taking measurements. I never knew that measurements involved more than just the bust, waist and hip. In fact, there were actually mathematical formulae for certain measurements!

Next came pattern drawing. This I had never learned in Home Economics. This was cool before I have always been amazed at the wonderful sketches drawn by designers. Because of that, I had assumed that to be in fashion, one has to be apt in art as well.

Of course I have no ambition to be a designer nor do I aspire to be a "Project Runway" contestant. I just want to be able to sew some practical things. It would be awesome if I could sew and wear my own casual dress.

Measurement-taking and pattern-drawing took up the whole 3 hours. Although I didn't actually do any sewing today, I wasn't disappointed. I was consumed by the pattern-drawing! I didn't have my stationery set with me, so I wasn't really satisfied with my drawings.

That's the anal me talking. I have to have the line absolutely straight and the curve absolutely curve. I also have to have the length precise to near 100% accuracy!

Above all, I guess for the first time since I've started my education many eons ago, I'm glad I was given homework. That sounds crazy I know. It was just drawing more patterns but I am really ecstatic about doing my homework!

On my way home, I still saw Muslim families dressed in all their glory out Hari Raya visiting. It isn't over yet? Am I missing out on something? What day is it? I can understand teens and teenagers still out visiting, but whole families???

I am still on the hunt for THE chocolate chip cookie recipe. The ones I did over Ramadan were a complete disappointment. The second batch I did yesterday was a major improvement though I don't think it was supposed to turn into chewy chocolate chip cookies. Still, they were quite addictive.


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