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Thursday, October 30, 2008 @ 11:42 pm

Dear Blogger,

So many things to buy and do, and so little time with Ipy. He shouldn't have come home so early because now, he had to fly off again. He's probably on the plane en route to Perth right now. I couldn't even send him off at the airport because I had a meeting at the restaurant this afternoon.

The wedding bands have been already been bought. They are so lovely! Simple but lovely, though a little expensive. It was educational too! We learnt that not all jewellers sell pure platinum bands. We also learnt that a size difference can cost a lot. Like about $600 difference! I had them sent for engraving after my meeting.

My bracelet had also been bought. Although, I can't unwrap the ribbon-tied box to sneak a peek till on the wedding day. Now I've to decide how to present the rings and the bracelet during the ceremony. I thought ivory satin cushions would look adorable.

The meeting this afternoon was about the decorations for the venue. I already knew what I wanted and I was glad that the wedding planner was in sync with me. Bloody red roses contrasted with shimmery champagne gold ribbons and ivory pearls... I'm confident that the venue will look fabulous on that day!

What's left is the bridal outfit. I haven't gone for my fitting yet, but I'm deliberating it because I'm trying to lose extra inches off my body. I'm slowly getting there but I think I have to speed up the process. I won't do anything drastic though. I'm just going to make lots of changes to my lifestyle. Basically, move more and eat less.

Poor Ipy. He's signing off cheques faster than he could write! This is to be expected. As our big day gets closer, more dollar signs flash before our eyes. Nobody was joking when they said getting married is really expensive. In fact, one of the first things we learnt in marriage preparation course was that, if a guy can't afford to get married, then postpone any marital plans till he can afford to do so!

His birthday is coming up. I knew what I would get for him. It's a pity that he won't be here to celebrate his birthday though. He wasn't around for his birthday last year either. I know he keeps saying that he never celebrates birthdays, but no birthday person should be forgotten nor without presents and cakes.

Everybody should celebrate his/her birthday! It's the only life we have! Make our own celebrations if no one else cares! Celebrate the passing of 1 year and the birth of another year! We choose how to live.


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