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Monday, October 13, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

Dear Blogger,

Phew! This Aidilfitri was definitely a busy one for Ipy and I. More me I think. It's an important one for us because we are getting married this year. Due to the nature of our solemnisation event (I refused to call it a wedding now because of the confusion it causes), we thought it best that we visit as many of our relatives as possible.

The day before Aidilfitri, I spent it in the kitchen trying to cook bryani, which didn't come out as well. Ipy cleaned the house as requested. I was very pleased with the work he had done, even though I had done most of the work before he returned from Perth.

On Aidilfitri itself, I wasn't feeling too well. I was still feeling the exhaustion of the previous day's work. Also, it was a Wednesday and the PSLE was just 2 days away. So I didn't really feel the joyousness of Aidilfitri as expected.

I really pity the school-going children. If they're not taking PSLE this year, their final examinations are just a few weeks away. Some of their parents are really not cutting them any slack. These are the parents which I try not to work with.

After 2 days of eating "lontong", "rendang", "sambal goreng" and "ayam masak merah", I was craving for other types of food. Didn't matter if they were Indian or Western. After 2 days, I still have those food left in the fridge. Considering that the US financial market is in a mess, we thought twice about wasting food.

On the first Aidilfitri weekend, Ipy and I spent both days out visiting relatives. We went out as early as 10 a.m., and returned home as late as midnight. Who would have thought that eating and chit chatting could be very exhausting??? I was so beat that as soon as my head touched the pillow, I was gone!

We thought that was the end of the visiting session, but there was still more to come! On top of the visiting, there were open house invites and even wedding invites! I have gained so much weight eating that I really didn't care anymore.

The past 2 weeks of Aidilfitri have opened up my eyes to the interesting facets of human personalities. There were people who would visit relatives who were too distant to be called relatives. There were people who plan their routes by the hierarchy of the family member. There were people who treat their friends like royalty and their family like commoners.

There were so many colours on show and they all made interesting analysis. We are actors in this world afterall. We all play different roles in different settings. I still think the act of seeking forgiveness on this special day is hypocritical but I see it as just a customary ritual now than anything else, a part of a scene in a very long play.

As expected, the topic of our imminent solemnisation event was brought up too frequently till I was sick of explaining it. I no longer wish to entertain questions like why it was done this way instead of that and why this certain person wasn't invited. When Ipy and I decided to do it small, we really mean SMALL!

Now that Syawal is slowing passing us by, Ipy and I are now busy with our nuptial execution. The bulk of the headache is of course the guest list. I left the invites of my side of the family to my mother with the strict order that she can only invite up to 100 guests. That is 100 persons not 100 couples!

Ipy had also settled the honeymoon. We are going to Israel! We are eagerly waiting for that. I'll bet that would be one hell of a trip! Sure green-eyed monsters can say that Ipy is the money machine, and I'm just milking him of his money. I see no reason to defend something that people have no idea what actually goes on.

If I make an interesting caricature to some people, then I'm glad I have brighten their lives with my entertainment. A wise woman once told me that when a person is critical of others, he is subconsciously being critical of himself.

At the end of the day, only Ipy and I know what goes on with ourselves and we are content. Just like in any relationship, it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Sometimes we just want to kill each other. There are times we just can't be apart from each other. Ipy likens us to "Mr and Mrs Smith". That was funny because we are so far off the Brangelina tangent.


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