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Wednesday, October 15, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

Dear Blogger,

Now that my Aidilfitri has officially ended, I had time to get back to outstanding matters, namely, the wedding invites. The guest list has been giving Ipy and I headaches for months! Not many of our friends and relatives seemed to understand that "small" did not mean at least 500 guests.

I've even received crappy questions like if I didn't want to invite anybody, why bother having a dinner reception at all??? Some people just don't know how to think before they open their mouths. Believe me. If I could get away with just the solemnisation, I would!

Since Ipy and I couldn't put off this wedding invite task any longer, we dedicated a full day just doing up the guest list and its seating layout. At least his dad is supportive of our arrangements. I don't think my mother still understands the plan.

The simple but exclusive wedding invitation card

The envelopes with guests' names printed on them

I was quite upset when she commented in that "laser" way of hers on why we didn't ask her to help fund the wedding. Then, Ipy showed me a side of his that I had never seen before.

He told her firmly and seriously that we have already decided since the very beginning not to spend so much on this wedding especially when there are other more important uses for the money, such as housing maintenance and medical bills.

My mother was left speechless. I was completely turned on.

I don't know if this is a typical mother-of-bride thing. My mother had unwittingly confessed that she wanted to use our wedding to show off to her relatives. Why? I simply don't know. I can differentiate between pride and pretentiousness. Her behaviour towards our wedding is definitely not pride.

Now that my brother has called off his engagement with his now ex-fiancee, I think my mother is relying on me to be her saving grace. I don't think that is fair. In fact, how dare she uses my nuptial as a stage for her dramas???

I hope she watches the new locally-produced shows on "Suria" every Wednesday night. Tonight's episode of "Dol dan Minah Nak Kawin" touched on wedding invites.

A typical Malay wedding would invite the whole of South-east Asia if it could, at the expense of the bride and groom of course. Doesn't matter if the couple would be swamped in debts for years to come, as long as everyone except themselves, are happy at being invited.

"Minah", as annoying as she is, is a hilarious caricature of a typical Malay bride. I would sack the make-up artist though. All that make-up on her face makes her look older than Aaron Aziz! The make-up artist was probably from Fatimah Mohsen, considering that the company sponsored the show.

"2x5 Dol" right after that is like a guilty pleasure on TV. Norfasarie's character is as irritating as ever. Everyone knows her character is a spoilt brat, yet they indulged her every time! My intolerance for her went super low tonight when she manipulated her bullied husband on letting her resign, just because she's pregnant.

Still, I'll keep watching these shows every week, just for a laugh. Also, Norfasarie's mother on the show reminded me so much of my mother. She even looks a little like her!


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