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Thursday, October 23, 2008 @ 11:39 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ipy came home surprisingly early last night. I didn't expect his return till about 3 weeks later! If he did return 3 weeks later, his presence will be just in time for the wedding. Since he returned home early, it just means that he's likely to fly off again soon.

Anyway, since he's back already, he decided to join me in a meeting with the restaurant manager. He didn't need to, but I guess he didn't want to be left alone at home.

We took the public transport because driving into town was ridiculously expensive now. Also, we didn't have to worry about parking in Orchard Road. Thus, more time for potential shopping!

The meeting went well. Very efficient, very clear and very service-oriented. We were glad that everyone's on the same page regarding how we want our wedding to be.

At this stage, it was all about the execution. Planning had already been done to death months and months ago! So now, everything that was on paper was in motion.

We decided to come back to the restaurant in the evening for food tasting. We were entitled to invite 4 other guests for this food tasting session, but we thought the more heads there were, the more headaches there would be. So we should select the menu ourselves!

While waiting for dinner, Ipy and I headed to Tiffany's at Ngee Ann City to have my ring polished. After 10 months of grime and dirt, I was so thrilled to have my ring show off its brilliance again.

I've always loved walking into Tiffany & Co. There's just something so musical-like about those diamonds. I guess Marilyn Monroe spoke for all of us when she sang "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"!

I so very much wanted Ipy to buy me this exquisite diamond bracelet at the store. He's supposed to buy me a bracelet for my mahr anyway. Unfortunately for him, he never stated the limits of the bracelet when he filled up the registration form at ROMM. So my mahr is open to my "interpretation".

Although the diamond bracelet sang to me in the sweetest voice ever when I put it on my wrist, I didn't push Ipy to buy it for me. Simply because it cost $14,000!

I know my limits. He's been so sweet to me all this time and I already own the ring I wanted. Besides, he still needs to buy our wedding bands. $14,000 can be better spent elsewhere.

We weren't able to make our way to the other jewellers because we got caught up at the Takashimaya sale. I bought Ipy some cK trunks and a long-sleeved shirt which looked so cool on him. He wanted to buy more shoes but I reminded him of our fully-stocked shoe cupboard. He already has more shoes than I do!

Back at the restaurant, we were lucky that we didn't have anything to eat before. We had to taste 2 sets of menus and even though we were served small portions, by the end of the whole course, we were stuffed to the max! I can confidently say now that our guests will never leave the restaurant unsatisfied.

Now I have to decide on what kind of wedding cake I want. Do I want the classic cakes or the contemporary cupcakes? The classic cakes are simple, elegant and timeless but they can be quite a chore to cut and distribute to guests. Cupcakes are easier to be distributed but they may be too cute for my liking and I think they are less wedding photography-worthy. Ah... decisions decisions!


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