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Sunday, October 19, 2008 @ 9:39 pm

Dear Blogger,

I read with tepid interest on the DBS High-5 investment saga in the newspapers today, not because I don't have any investments with DBS, but because this is a typical Singaporean reaction. If I'm not wrong, the investors were unhappy with the hard-sell tactics of wealth managers, thus, making it the root of their discontent.

That got me thinking. Nobody said anything about this so-called "hard-sell tactics" when the investors were getting monthly returns on their investments. So they're making national news now because their investments fell through? I may have only taken one module of Finance class in university, but isn't investing about taking risks? Even if that involves big losses?

I can't disagree that nobody would expect an American financial staple like Lehman Brothers would collapse. Still, over the years, haven't we seen many familiar brands become victims of bankruptcy or mergers? Barings, Arthur Anderson, Enron... just to name a few. So why would Lehman Brothers be any different?

I wouldn't be surprised if DBS, Singapore's "people's bank" would suffer the same fate. I have never liked DBS. Especially not after it swallowed POSB, the real "people's bank". There's just something so superficial about DBS. Maybe it's the government association.

Still, I empathise with the retirees who lost their savings. I don't know much about the actual story to comment much. Who knows what's true and what's fabricated in the media right?

Anyway, I was hoping for a lazy Sunday, but I don't do lazy Sundays. I can't do nothing for long hours! I didn't want to bake anything because there were still plenty of cookies in the cookie jars. I finished the chocolate chip cookies though!

So I decided to try making devil curry. It's a typical Eurasian dish, which is traditionally made on Boxing Day. I was told that devil curry was supposed to be extremely hot and spicy. The version I made was light because I didn't want to burst open my stomach lining with the spiciness.

It was very much like an indian curry except for the omission of coconut milk or yogurt. It was a little oily though and the chicken had to be fried before. Next time, I'll reduce the oil because the chillies and chicken skin will secrete enough oil for the dish.

Best eaten with warm rice, but I'm cutting down my carbo intake till after the wedding. If I have to eat carbo, it'll be wholegrained like these country loaf slices. By the way, I can't say enough how wonderful country loaves are to suppress over-eating.

What's a perfect way to end my Sunday than to catch "Mr and Mrs Smith" on tele? I will never fall out of love with Angelina Jolie. I think Brad Pitt should thank Angelina for his supernova status because he was just alright before he made this movie. Now he can do any movie he wants and still makes money! In fact, he actually looks better as he ages! The guy's 43!!!


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