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Sunday, September 21, 2008 @ 11:01 pm

Dear Blogger,

Things are starting to get hectic, and I'm not even talking about the wedding. I made Ipy agree not to discuss the wedding during this fasting month. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is feeling this pressure. Teachers, educators and parents are feeling it too no doubt.

I'm talking about the PSLE, Primary School Leaving Examinations. Strangely, but not surprisingly, I find that it's the parents who are more anxious about it than the students who are actually sitting for it!

I know it's important to get good grades so one can be posted to the secondary school of choice. I know! I've gone through it! Still, must parents really burden their child even more with their own insecurities?

I can't do my job well when I have parents telling me what to do. If they know what should be done, why hire me in the first place??? They can save hundreds of dollars by not engaging a tutor!

Besides the parents' kiasuism, for students taking PSLE this year, they won't be able to enjoy Hari Raya Aidilfitri because their first paper will be 2 days after the public holiday. That sucks but everyone has to go through it.

After the PSLE, there'll be the N Level exams and followed by the big O Level exams. Ki...llerrr! Yesterday alone, I spent slightly over 8 hours revising Maths with my students! Three of them are taking PSLE and the other one is taking the O Levels. 8 hours of Maths! On a Saturday! That's crazy!

Of course by the end of the day, my brain was too fried to do anything else. Didn't cook. Didn't bake. Didn't clean. Didn't even watch TV! Just showered and laid in bed with a good book.

Today, I almost had the whole day to myself. I had to spend 2 hours of my Sunday tutoring my troublesome student. As much as I don't like to diss my students, this one deserved to. She and her whole family deserved to be dissed.

After what I've gone through with her nonsense, I can't believe her mother dared to dictate my tutoring schedule! Obviously she's panicking because her daughter only had barely 2 weeks to recover from an "Ungraded" score before she had to sit for her final exams.

If her mother had asked me for advice, I'd say suspend all her daughter's CCAs and social visits! Also, her parents should consider enrolling in a parenting responsibility course if there's any.

What did she think I was? A miracle worker??? She's not paying me enough for me to conjure up some magic! At Secondary 1 level, her daughter doesn't even know primary school-level "Area and Perimeter" formulae, so what can I possible do within these 2 weeks???

And another thing. Since when does a teacher rearrange all her appointments just because one of her students can't keep her eyes open after dinner on weekdays??? How is that any of my concern??? You want to pass your exams? You better as hell put in some serious effort!

I'm beginning to lose whatever slight faith I have in this girl. She shows no respect for my time. She hasn't showed me any interest in her studies. I think she thinks that just because she has managed to get into a secondary school (a CHIJ one at that!) after sitting for her PSLE twice, she doesn't need a reason or motivation to learn anything in this new environment!

I was so pissed with her mother's demands but I remained professional. I said no. She demanded again. I said no again. I have to be firm. It's unfair to my other students if I give in.

When I got home, I channelled all my pent-up energy on household chores. I was like a woman on a mission. A woman on speed. I...

  1. vacuumed the car interiors,
  2. sent the car to the car wash,
  3. had the car refuelled,
  4. bought mops and scrubs,
  5. vacuumed the house except for the living hall and balcony,
  6. mopped the floors except for the living hall and balcony (4 times!),
  7. wiped the window grills,
  8. hung new curtains in all 3 bedrooms,
  9. scrubbed the toilets and floors, and
  10. cooked
I now know that I could possibly be Superwoman. Yes, I probably am. It is no joke mopping 158 squared metre of floor! The frustrating thing was, 90% of those tasks were assigned to Ipy! And I assigned them to him!

If he thinks that there is nothing left for him to do when he returns, he is so wrong. There had better be some presents for me when he gets home. A pair of diamond earrings or diamond tennis bracelet would be nice. They had better not be from some heartland, Joo Chiat Complex or Tanjong Katong Complex jewellery store. Call me a snob or whatever. A girl has every right to have tastes.

If not diamonds, surprise me with shoes. I haven't bought any shoes for Hari Raya yet. Maybe a new clutch bag. Oh dammit! Just pamper me already! I deserve every morsel of it!

Kuih makmur before and after baking (It was my first effort at making these traditional Hari Raya cookies)

Comforting beef noodle soup I made on Friday night

Palembang-style chicken with eggplant and broccoli that I cooked hours ago. It tasted of a cross between curry and asam pedas. Here eaten with brown rice.

A justified bubble bath for my aching body and soul


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