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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 @ 11:50 pm

Dear Blogger,

Some people have no sense of manners at all. Even if you're flesh and blood, please don't assume that you can ransack my cupboards or use my things without permission. Please don't infringe on my hospitality. Please have the decency to know that it's late so it's time to leave.

My sister thinks the whole world owes her, so she thinks that my home is just like her home. She comes here thinking that there is always food, so she heads straight to the kitchen and start opening the refrigerator and cupboards.

I think that is very rude of a guest. You don't go around people's home and do that! You don't expect the host or hostess to feed you!

Also, she has this habit of lingering at my home till late as if her own home doesn't have any TV nor computers. As late as till midnight! On a school night! I will not tolerate that anymore! The reason I move out in the first place is to have my own space and I will protect that with vigour!

She has to wake up and realise that nobody owes her anything. So what if she's only 16?! She's a spoilt brat! She was born and raised at a time when almost everything was handed to her at a whim. But not anymore.

She also has to learn manners! I've noticed that many youngsters now do not have any manners at all! They assume that we, as adults or parents, will give in to their every demands. Well, they have not met me. I will not hesitate to discipline a child for being rude, even if his parents are right there with him!

Exactly at 10 p.m., I told my sister nicely to leave as it was late and it was a school night. She didn't want to leave because she hasn't finished watching "Project Runway" on YouTube.

I only lent her my laptop thinking that she had schoolwork to do. "Project Runway" isn't schoolwork. Neither is blogging. Do you know how pissed I was when she told me how urgent she needed a computer, only to find out that her "urgency" involved YouTube and blogging.

I told her to fix the computer at home, but she refused because she's too selfish. She thinks that if she fixes the computer, her brother will spoil it again. I've griped about it so many times, yet I still fix that damn thing! Why? Because I want to use it!

I told her repeatedly to leave as I was tired and it was late. It became a test of wills for us. She was dead wrong if she thought I would give in. I warned her that I would switch off the laptop if she didn't do it first. She refused, so I cut off the power supply.

Obviously, she wasn't too happy about it. She stomped off and threw tantrums. Big mistake. I won't welcome such inconsiderate people in my home anymore.

She doesn't help out with the housework. She locks herself in her room all the time. She hides food in her room because she didn't want to share with anybody else in the household. If that isn't a selfish brat's behaviour, I don't know what is.


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