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Friday, September 05, 2008 @ 11:40 pm

Dear Blogger,

Parking at Geylang Serai on a weekend night can be an excuse for a war. Unless you're an aggressive or at least, a confident driver, you will never get a parking lot anywhere over there, not even at any nook and cranny of Geylang Serai.

After spending nearly 20 minutes waiting, patiently I should emphasise, there was no way I was going to give in to queue-cutters! Not for rookie, young punks, nor a pakcik driving a family of God knows how many packed in a tin can. Sometimes, when you're driving a beemer, you have to have an attitude.

I was very surprised with myself for being able to wait patiently at the public parking lot next to Tanjong Katong Complex for that long. My blood didn't even boil at all! I thought that was worthy of a sainthood for me.

I guess I felt guilty for missing terawih prayers to shop at the bazaar. So I thought, if I behave, God will grant me a parking lot. He did eventually, but that still didn't make me forget about intentionally missing terawih prayers tonight.

My mother and I walked to Joo Chiat Complex to collect her curtains. I didn't dare ask her how much she spent for it. While waiting for her curtains, we skipped to check out the carpets and rugs nearby. Pretty collection, but didn't see anything that I wanted. Mainly they didn't have the size I was looking for.

Bamboo rugs are in apparently. I thought of buying those to add to my collection. Strangely, the runner size I wanted was not available anywhere. None of the sellers had any idea what I was talking about either! How could I have dreamt of it when I have one sprawled just next to my bed???

Mommy found a rug she wanted. She was looking for a small one enough for prayers, something like what I have in my bedroom. I couldn't remember its cost though. I had a feeling that after this rug and her curtains, it wouldn't be the end of her shopping tonight.

Her curtains itself was super heavy to carry! It must have been one of those with many layers type. Walking back to the car while lugging a rug and curtains, against a mob of browsers, was very challenging. I didn't burst a vein though. I amaze myself sometimes.

We headed to the bazaar across the street after dumping those items in the boot of the car. That was when my shopping started. Since my mother had gotten curtains, I didn't feel right going home empty-handed. So I bought curtains too!

I'll bet what I've purchased was way cheaper than what she had paid for hers. Mine was ready to be hung, while hers have little ribbons roses still needed to be pinned on the curtains at her creative freedom. We managed to bargain from $99 per set to $85 per set for my curtains. So I bought 3 sets for all my rooms.

My mother couldn't resist. So she bought another 2 sets! How many curtains does that woman need??? And where did she get the funds from? It made me wonder if she had a secret bank account stashed somewhere. It's always during this festive season that her purportedly non-existent wealth make its presence known.

Nevertheless, I was pleased with my purchases. Now I just have to drum up the will to hang them. Trying to even seduce Ipy to do them would be fruitless.

We checked out more rugs. I insisted. I didn't want to leave without a rug either. Found something that I wanted. Managed to bargain for a set of 2 runners. Was almost delighted about the possibility of buying until the seller said they only accepted cash.

I am a card-swiping girl. I don't know why anyone in his right mind would carry hundreds-worth of cash. How dare he even suggested to me to walk across the street to the ATM??? Why should a seller inconvenience a consumer by not offering various modes of payment??? We're talking carpets here, which could easily cost hundreds, not some sticker-selling booth!

We were about to walk away when the boss suggested I put down a deposit instead and come back tomorrow or the day after when new stocks arrive. I'll have priority of picking. Sounds like a win-win situation. I definitely wanted to buy one and the price offered was too good to resist, so I agreed.

Exhausted but happy, we made our way home. The traffic wasn't as bad by then. I also managed to get a covered lot at my carpark. Usually, it's most likely that we'll have to park at the rooftop if we arrive any time past 10 p.m.

I'll be extremely furious with HDB if I had to park at the rooftop tonight. The car had just been waxed and polished. I wasn't going to subject it to the mercy of nature while I'm asleep.


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