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Tuesday, September 16, 2008 @ 12:54 pm

Dear Blogger,

I've never felt so lonely this Ramadan as I had been last night. It was just like previous weeks, except last night, I just felt crying.

I broke my fast at Darul Makmur mosque as in previous week. But last night, I realised that despite the many campaigns to promote the "kampung" spirit, women will still be as cliquey as when we were back in kindergarten!

I tried to join in the small groups of 3, but I kept getting pushed away. So in the end, I had the whole tray of dishes to myself. And it wasn't a good feeling. I drank the tea and had bites of the fried rice serving, but I had already lost my appetite.

For hours afterwards, I kept thinking about what I have done other than by myself. Nothing. I haven't met up with any of my friends for anything. If they still exist that is. I haven't really bonded with my family. Those walks with my mother to terawih prayers were no different than solitary walks.

I really, really felt like crying, but I couldn't! The tears just won't flow! I couldn't sleep, so I engaged myself in baking some Happy Cookies (Biskut Ria). And baked I did!

By the 3rd hour, my body was feeling tired, but I just kept on baking till the last dough was baked. That's something amazing about the woman spirit. No matter how tired she is, she keeps on working.

Hearts with cashew nut - Before and after

Stars with mini sugar star

Flowers - Before and after (These are my favourites! They came out beautifully!)

Squares and flowers in cookie jars

The kuih tart I made previously

So what will I do with these cookies? I made so many of them, so I'm going to give them away to my students, to my family, to neighbours, to friends, to charities... I don't care.


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