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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 @ 11:56 pm

Dear Blogger,

I sent the car to its service centre at Alexandra, conveniently right next to IKEA. All the while I was driving there, I was thinking if I could tolerate travelling on the train in the morning peak hours back to home. I have not been on the train during these hours since SMU days. I've heard it has gotten worse.

The cost I should sue CapitaLand for: $600+.

Six hundred over dollars for just one door! $400+ goes to just repainting the damn door! Performance Motors sure knows how to extort its customers.

Then again, anyone who could afford to drive a BMW should be able to afford its high quality workmanship. I guess that's its rationale. Besides, I wasn't quite confident about sending it to any other workshops.

I wouldn't have accepted the cost if the service wasn't damn good. I couldn't even trim the quotation because the "Body Works Assessor" (yes, that was the guy's designation) only quoted the bare minimum!

He didn't even try to sell me any bells and jingles! He did throw in a complimentary wax and polish though, which I think the car desperately needs. No carpets. No shoes. No more dresses. Sigh...

As feared, the train ride from Redhill station was super duper packed with people. I even saw people being shoved out of the carriage! When getting in, I was suddenly pushed in till I almost fell into the arms of this huge Chinese guy at the back.

Breathing and counting to 20, I regained my composure. That would have been easier if a stale stench didn't waft through the carriage 2 stations later.

I don't remember peak hours like this before! Maybe it's worse coming from the east-bound train. The west-bound train, which I usually take, was more tolerable. God I miss the car already! I'm a spoilt brat I know.

3 tuition sessions later, I was sleepy and exhausted. Every time my head touches anything to rest on, I was in dreamland, even for a brief second. Since I had to take the bus home, I wouldn't reach home in time. So I broke my fast at the nearby mosque.

It was quite a treat because we broke our fast with porridge and chicken bryani. My energy regained a little but I was still tired. So tired that I could only manage 8 rakaat of terawih! I'm sure that as soon as my head touches the pillow, I'm gone.


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