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Sunday, September 14, 2008 @ 5:59 pm

Dear Blogger,

I knew it was a bit early to be making kuih tart (or pineapple tarts), but it was a toss between cleaning Ipy's leather car seats or making kuih tart to fill up my time today. So I chose the latter.

I've never made kuih tart before. I remember my father attempted to make those when I was very, very little. He didn't get past the pineapple jam. My father was picky about his kuih tart, and he still is! He's like a kuih tart connoisseur.

Even after savouring hundreds of kuih tart, he still favoured his late mother's version. That wasn't surprising. My late grandmother's kuih tart melted in your mouth faster than you can say "melt-in-your-mouth"! The pineapple jam filling was a subtle blend of spices and sweetness. I haven't had those kuih tart in years and still the taste lingers!

My father never got the recipe from my late grandmother. My aunt, who was fortunate enough to learn how to make the kuih tart from her, doesn't make them anymore. And I don't think she's keen on sharing. So, I can't introduce my late grandmother's kuih tart to the new generation.

Aren't they adorable???

At every stage of the process, I was so proud of myself for getting there that nobody could burst my pride bubble even with a nail! Seeing them so perfectly shaped from the mould made me want to cry. They looked so cute!

Although they didn't turn out soft and magically melt-in-your-mouth after baking, my father gave me 2 out 3 stars. The missing star was for the disappointing pineapple jam filling. It was too stiff! 2 out 3 stars were good enough for me as the pineapple jam was store-bought.

I still had time to fry some tai mak noodles for break fast. I'm getting quite good at frying noodles! You know, I have literally spent the whole day in the kitchen! I realised I have not sat down proper at all till I sat waiting for terawih prayers to begin. I think my legs shook in gratitude at that time.

Not too spicy fried beef mee tai mak with lots of vegetables as usual


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