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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 @ 8:09 pm

Dear Blogger,

I am thinking of ways to dismiss a student of mine. It's that same student and family who have been giving me headaches over the past year.

She has not had any tuition for a month because apparently, her CCA has more priority over her tuition. That was fine by me because her tuition days were scheduled on weekends (weekdays were out for her because of her school load) and I treasure my weekends. But that also meant missing on the last two lessons before her tuition fee was due. Still, I put up with it.

So when her mother finally called me to "resurrect" her tuition (because she was getting "ungraded" scores for her tests), I was doubtful that things would change. One lesson down last weekend and just one more lesson to complete the 8-lessons cycle.

I confirmed with her mother this morning about having tuition this evening, and she confirmed. In the afternoon, I reminded her that with tonight's lesson, she has to pay her tuition fee. I didn't expect to spend my afternoon justifying with her why her tuition fee was due tonight. But I did.

At 6 p.m., she text me to cancel tuition tonight for the stupid reason that her daughter didn't want any tuition on weekdays during this fasting month. She waited the whole day to tell me that? And right after I pushed for payment?

If that wasn't a coincidence, I don't know what is. But I'm not surprised. I have put up with their bullshit for a very long time. With the amount I charged her for my services, this inconvenience is not worth it.

Since I didn't have any dance lessons tonight, I was left completely unplanned. I hate not having any plans! If my menses didn't make its long-awaited appearance this morning, I could have spent the night doing terawih prayers.

I was going to cook beef noodles, but the beef hasn't thawed yet. While waiting, I decided to edit some photos from the camera. Ipy didn't believe that the wonderful photos I've been putting up recently was due to the magic of Photoshop. I think he was just trying to justify his $1,500 purchase.

So, I'm putting up the photos before editing and after editing, just so that he can see them for themselves!

F1 car display at Vivocity - Before and after

Ipy and car display at Vivocity - Before and after

Me at Vivocity - Before and after

Ipy at Marche - Before and after

Me at Marche - Before and after

Our meal at Marche - Before and after

Me at Bon Bon Tea, Vivocity - Before and after

Chocolate biscuits I made this morning, covered in snow

Chocolate butterfly biscuits

Chocolate ice cream cone biscuits


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